Our Visit to The Toronto Honda Indy

The Honda Indy was in Toronto this past weekend. It comes to the city every year and we've always thought of going but never ventured. This year we decided to give it a go.

Speaking of Go, our trip began at the Go Station. Parking downtown Toronto can be tough and expensive enough on an average day but when an event is on, it is ten times worse. Now that kids ride free, the Go train is an easy and affordable way to get into the city and get to your event. 

We have never gone to any car racing with the kids before and we weren't sure how interested they would be or what to expect etc. and when choosing our tickets we decided to go with General Admission for these reasons. We opted for the 2 day ticket because of the value and we could spend most of the days but not all day. The great thing about the General admission is that kids 12 and under are free! If you purchase seats they require a ticket as well however. 

The kids liked the racing. We caught bits of different races and I t…

A Family Fun Summer #Daytrip

Wasaga Beach is a doable day trip for people surrounding the city of Toronto. If you're on the north end it may only take you just over an hour depending on the traffic. It's a fun beach to visit and you can read more about that on this post here but when you want to do more then just the beach, there are a few other family activities to do too. 

Like mini golfing at Skull Island which is conveniently located right close to the strip but also has it's own private parking if you are in need of it. If you have young kids you should really give mini golfing or putting a try. It is a good pass time for the whole family and my guys really enjoy it, so much they will drive hours away just to play for 45 min! 

We did make use of our day. It wasn't quite warm enough for the usual beach activities. Back to the golf though, this was a fantastically Pirate themed course. I give a huge thumbs up to the planning department here! They utilized every bit of space perfectly in this cour…

#CanadaDay Celebrations in the West GTA

We are one week away from another glorious birthday of this great country. July 1st is Canada's Birthday and as always there is tons of stuff going on in the area to help you celebrate the joyous occasion. 

If you are in the Halton area:

Burlington will be celebrating Canada Day at Spencer Smith Park from 2pm to 10pm. 

There will be all sorts of activities and entertainment for the whole family including inflatables, face painting, musicians and Fireworks to close the event, admission is free. For more info

Oakville will host a celebration at Bronte Heritage Park from 6pm-10pm 

During this free event, there will be family activities, music and fireworks over the lake. Food trucks will be at the event as well if you wish to purchase some eats and/or treats. More in check out\

Milton will be hosting it's Canada Day celebrations at the Milton Fairgrounds once again. 


Healthy Grain Salad With Bulgur and Chickpeas

We had some family over for a BBQ on the weekend and I needed some sides to go with BBQ chicken. I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for new ways to incorporate some healthy eats, especially in the grain department. I've always loved tabbouleh. It a very refreshing Mediterranean salad with lots of parsley and bulgur. I happen to have some bulgur on hand but I thought the vast green of the dish can deter some folk from even trying tabbouleh and well it's a bit early in the season for my fresh parsley and mint. Then I recalled my Chickpea Dill recipe and thought that they could work well together.

Well, I'm happy to say they did and I quite like the texture of the bulgur and the fullness of the chickpea together. I stuck with the other key elements that are great in the tabbouleh like tomatoes, garlic and cucumber. I still added parsley too just not a mountain of it. I decided to go with scallions because I'm loving them lately as my go to fresh onion. 

Great Gift for Mother's Day

I'd have to say, most years I opt to get flowers for Mother's Day for my mom. Not usually the typical cut flowers, she really enjoys a potted variety that would be a perennial in our case, so she can enjoy it year after year. 

This year on my last visit with her she had mentioned she could use a watch. Well, what perfect timing I thought. So being an Amazon prime subscriber and my instant reaction to search any shopping item online before even looking in a store (way to get best deal and really know whats out there I think) I almost instantly came across this gem.

It's made by Nine West which is a reputable company that has made women's shoes and accessories for quite some time. I've often adored some of their items. Even the box and pillow are great way to present the watch.

This was an instant winner for me because of the floral aspect (she really loves flowers as I mentioned) and the soft colours. My mom is no spring chicken and our tastes may not mach up much. But…

Avenger's Themed Birthday Treats

April was a whirlwind of a month at our household. With Easter being so late and Logan's 6th birthday towards the end of the month I may need half of May to recover and catch up. 
Logan was excited for his cake(s) of the party. He decided for his 6th birthday he wanted to have a party at Chuck E Cheese with the theme to be the Avenger's. He is particularly fond of Black Panther and Thor is pretty up there too. He wanted a cake at the venue (something about wanting toy figures on top, easier to play with then food I guess!) but we had family and some friends hosted after at our place as well. That's where the cupcakes came in. 

The first of our cupcakes here are a quick and easy party treat. Thor hammer's made with pretzel sticks and marshmallows. How simple and effective. Pictured above in the lemon/lime cupcake. The recipe is from Canadian Living Magazine. 

I decided to do 24 cupcakes and half were Marshmallow Thor the other I did 6 different Avenger Logo's, 2 of eac…