A Day at the Ontario Science Centre

My sister had taken a few days off this week with my great niece so we had a few ideas of what to do with the kids during #MarchBreak. The Ontario Science Centre was mentioned when we were humming about where to go and my deal sensing came into action.

KidSparks area always fun with water
You can get vouchers on https://www.costco.ca that you order online and print at home. They usually email them within the hour of purchasing. I would, to be on the safe side buy a day prior just in case. Prices at Costco are $14.99 for an adult ($22 on the OSC website) and $8.99 ($13 at OSC) for kids. I do have to mention though the OSC includes HST and the Costco prices don't. It is still a good savings. You need to print and exchange vouchers for tickets at box office. If you are planning to drive to you will also have to pay for parking $10. If you plan to watch the IMAX film there will be additional cost to that too. I must say, if you live close by, you may want to consider a membership. I could easily come back 4 or 5 times a year or more if I lived in area.

We started up in the KidSparks area. This is a great place for your 1 yr old and they say up to 8 but my 10 year old had no problem enjoying himself here and I noticed the other older children enjoying as well. I would also like to mention how baby and toddler friendly this place is, especially on the KidSparks floor. If you have say a baby and a 3 year old, this floor alone could keep them entertained leisurely for the day. There is plenty of baby areas and I believe there is nursing spots too. They were involved in so much in part of this area that we didn't make it to the second side this time. Lots to see here, really. 
We also quickly went through the Space section and though I love the Planetarium it was long lines and waits today. There was plenty to do so we opted to not go this time. 

We decided to pack a lunch because we knew it would be busy and didn't want to waste time in lines waiting for food. There is however ample food to choose from if you wanted to purchase and I forgot to mention you can rent lockers to when you come in they are a dollar coin. If you brought a lunch and didn't want to carry (we used wagon) there is a lunch seating area off to the side from lockers. 

They have different exhibits that run through out the year and right now there is Castle Builder exhibit which is all Lego castle theme. There is of course a Lego build area (which we didn't have to time to stop at) and even large soft bricks the wee little guys can play too. They also have a Robots exhibit but again time was an issue, BTW we were there just after open at 10am and left after 2:30pm. 

In the Weston Family Innovation Centre, there is lots to keep the kids interested, like rearranging your face which my son is very proud of here. The Innovation area is on the 6th Level, which just to let you know Level 6 is the furthest down and Level 2 being main floor to leave, is up. Has got us confused in the elevators so I thought I'd share. 

All sorts going on here even paper plane making are where you can test your plane and see how far it goes with increasing points for distance. 

This guy was by the Rain Forest area

Always a ton of fun in the Living Earth are where the cave and tornado seem to be the highlight.

It was a ton of fun and the kids were worn out by the end of the day. They all enjoyed exploring and we enjoyed watching them learn while having fun too! You could use 2 whole days to explore most everything and probably still not get it all in. We are probably going to go back soon when the temperature is warmer and the outdoor slides and area are open.


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