Ad or Price Matching and Online Grocery Shopping

I am a huge fan of the whole price or ad matching. I have been taking advantage of the savings for a while now and if you are familiar with it, you will know it takes some practice at the checkout. A little bit of organization which gets better with experience. If you have never price matched before I recommend you check out the online flyers at or where you can even download app to your phone to you can use it as a tool to price match at store. I'm currently using Reebee just a personal preference on layout, plus they are a Canadian company. They are both very good apps. On Reebee you just click on items you are interested in then it stores in a list showing store where you can pull up in seconds in line and compare to others. You can also search a product to make sure it's the best price!

Holding up the line is a stressful situation to a lot of people and I'm sure if you are shopping at the busy times it can hamper the whole price match situation at the check out and stop you from taking advantage of the savings. The great news for those who aren't as comfortable price matching in store and/or hate being at a busy store is Walmart and Loblaws chains have online shopping and pick up. It is easier then price matching in the store for the fact there is no time limit and you can do your research on specials to get the best savings. I've price matched days after as well, I think it's as long as you do before the next specials are out. I mean how often do you go into the store and end up with more then whats on your list? I save money shopping online alone because I don't over shop and I can watch my total allowing me to adjust if I want or need to.

Now when I mention online shopping to friends and family, I have heard a lot of people being skeptical because they are afraid that they'll get the oldest produce or stuff that's about to expire. That isn't the case I can assure you. My shopping mostly consists of produce. Sure they aren't obsessing on your groceries but they aren't wasting time or taking old stock left in the corner. They want you to use the service and they want you to come back after having a pleasant experience. They are also willing to give a refund for anything not liked. I'm not gonna lie, I have had a few hiccups, most when they were just starting but the odd time I'm not 100% satisfied. Mind you I have the same problems in store. There's days things are out of stock or I pick a bag of oranges and missed that there was a rotten one or two in the bag. It's mishaps of everyday life, this kind of stuff happens occasionally.

An added feature available at Real Canadian Superstore's online order is before you check out there is a spot where you can put notes too so if you have a preference for green bananas just add it in that section. You can even use coupons at this chain just tell them when you call to pick up before they finalize payment. I do have to mention the RC Superstore has a fee for pick up, at $3-$5 but if you're getting deals, points and price matching it isn't bad. You can usually find promo codes online for first time users or if you are on the PC Insider program you get the fee waved but there is a cost in that program. It is a worthwhile option if you plan to use the service a lot and most definitely if you buy Joe Fresh product and diapers because you get 20% back in points for those items which can be huge savings. You have to have a PC Financial MasterCard to be eligible for the program though. WalMart no longer charges a fee but $50 minimum to order, so it is free pick up but although RC Superstore charges pick up fee, the minimum is $30 and you can pick up same day (WalMart is next day). I also prefer RC's site for ease of shopping and layout.

As I mentioned earlier, you can price match online after pick up on both sites. Ad/price matching in this case comes as a refund though and can take days which also means you have to have credit card attached to account to receive the refunds. This is where one of the flyer sites really are useful too. You have to fill out form name the product, competitors price and link to flyer showing price. Not too much work and every week I have a refund from $5-$25 on average.

Overall, I find this online grocery shopping a great option. I thought it would be great to use for the odd time and now I tend to use it weekly. It is a bit of getting used to the first few times but once you get a few shops in, you'll likely be using it often.


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