Birthday Cake Ideas...Oh No, 10 Already

I've just recently had my 10th Momiversary, meaning my baby Liam is now a 10 year old! Ahhhh... where did the time go.

I never got much of a deal made on my birthday growing up. My parents divorced by time I was 4 and my mom turned Jehovah shortly after so I guess I had a void. What better way to fill it then make a big deal over my kids birthdays. I really wanted to make sure that my children felt special and also to really celebrate the glorious days we greeted them into this world.

I could always bake and had no problem creating a cake from scratch with a little help from the internet etc. I started out with shaped cake pans, bought or even better renting at the Bulk Barn. Had a Monkey, then my eldest was into Thomas and Lightning McQueen.
Each year I progressed then when Liam was turning 5 it was Angry Birds for the theme and I tried my hand at fondant. This was a good time to try since he was 5 and in school while I was home pregnant so I had a bit more time and space without a child at me leg. I even made a homemade pinata of a pig! Love seeing what I can accomplish and both my kids enjoy these fun creations, it has come to be an expectation now and every year I have requests months in advance for their cake.
I've learnt a lot on the way and would like to share some of the finished cakes.

This was the Lightning McQueen piped icing

My first fondant piece. I use recipe on Wilton's website for Marshmallow fondant. It actually tastes great, sweet but great and fairly easy to make it's more of the matter of consistency. The pieces on top were made with rice krispies then covered in fondant.

Pinata that I made ready to be beaten.

I started to get more time involved with the Mario Kart as Logan was a bit older and felt I could handle again.

Blaze was the theme for 3 years old. 

The last couple of years Liam has been into sports. For Logan's last party it was Mario themed. I will have a separate post for any ideas. It really was easy enough and fun to do. 


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