Day at Black Creek Pioneer Village #MarchBreak

Another day of March Break fun with my Sister and my Great Niece. We decided to get some fresh air and venture out to Black Creek. During March Break (March 12-18th) they have a promotion that is all kids are free admission! That's a savings of $11 for each child. Adults are $15 and a Senior is $12. Also, if driving, $7 for parking.

One of the events they have planned for March Break is Solve the Mystery! Junior Detectives watch a 5 minute video with their own Sherlock Holmes and Watson to solve the Case of the Missing Jewels. The kids then get their own booklet with 5 suspects, clues and places to write additional clues. They also have a code to decipher and at every building pretty much there is a clue or more to be found. They even suggest you can question the suspects when you arrive to their locations. When you are done there is another 5 min video on who the culprit is and you get to see if you solved the crime.

Now if you've never been to Black Creek Pioneer Village it is an actual village and the workers are more unscripted actors I guess. For example, at the blacksmiths they dress and act like a blacksmith would  have back in pioneer times. He'll make tools and interact with any question you have on what they are doing. It is a great way for kids to learn and engage. If you stop in at the Half Way House, they are usually baking some treats in the kitchen, often cookies and they sell them there too, so you can have some freshly baked goods too!

The Printing Office is always a great place to visit. It's amazing how each letter had to be put in place and it's great for the kids to see. 

They also have a mill and a little farm. There was some turkeys and chickens today. Plenty of  buildings to visit and keep everyone busy for the day. 

If you are planning a visit during March Break on they also have a Maple show starting at noon and there is horse carriage rides too for $2 a person. See Black Creek's website for more information


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