DIY Super Mario Party

When Logan, my youngest son was turning 4 he wanted a Super Mario Birthday Party. He still remembered the cake and theme I had done for his brother the year before and loved playing Super Mario occasionally on the Wii U. Of course, anything to be like big brother or gain his approval.

The first thing I worked on to get the mood going was this "Pin the Mustache on Mario" I bought some bristol board at the dollar store along with some felt, cut out mustaches and used a tad of two sided tape (great stuff for many occasions). I picked a picture online and did my best in pencil to draw Mario, coloured and outlined after a few uses of an eraser.

Another great and easy to do it yourself craft project are these great hats and mustaches for photo opt. We had all the guests take pictures with them at one point. Such great memories and photos. It was an easy cut and paste project that was well worth the effort. 

I decided to DIY the fruit bowl too and make this fun hollowed out watermelon Chain Chomp from the Super Mario games. It was a fun idea which is part food and part decoration. I also printed a fire flower, glued to cardboard and used as decor for fire food. I loved turning the veggie tray into a fire flower as well, it was an easy and effective piece for the party. 

Now the cake was a fun project too. It really is the big event at the party and takes the most time. I do like making these characters and I always surprise myself when I start making stuff and it actually turns out half decent. The kids just love it and they love eating it too of course! My kids love chocolate cake and I have used this recipe at least half a dozen times now It is rich in flavour and moist every time and its from Add a Pinch blog if you're interested.

I made the fondant with marshmallows and icing sugar using Wilton's recipe. You can also purchase ready made fondant and colour as needed. Amazon has ready made available if you are in need and all the tools needed if you're ready to try. You can visit my storefront for tools that I use and recommend. 

After a little lunch and cake in the bellies of all our guests one last homemade project was unleashed. The lovely ? box as a pinata. For this DIY project I used square box (but you need weak points so it is easy to break). I buy cases of broth at Costco and an empty one worked perfect because they have an open square on one end. Then I cut up yellow tissue paper, glued it on and printed the question mark to cut and paste on as well.  

Of course, I have to share where I got most of my ideas on Pinterest. The pins are from many different places and from tons of searching, lucky for you I have them conveniently stored under my board Logan's 4th bday. On the board there is even more ideas of stuff not mentioned on this post for anyone thinking of doing any kind of Mario party. 

I had mentioned previously that I did a Mario Cart theme for my eldest prior to this party. It was more cake and loot bags. You can see the cake I made on and also feel free to check out another board on my Pinterest Liam's 8th bday for even more Super Mario ideas. 


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