Easter Hunt Ideas

Easter has become my kids second favourite holiday only to be won over by Christmas. As a child that group up with a single mom from another country and she having lost her mother at the age of 3, she wasn't really hip on the Easter Bunny. Luckily I had the best sister ever (who is 12 years older then me) and would take on motherly duties often, making memories for me to cherish.
I remember waking up to find a clue and having to solve the clue for another and another leading me to a little surprise. What a great big sis eh! Told ya. It was my only real Easter memory other then when we ate fish on Friday while my mom went along with that.

Fast forward a few years (or more) and I've decided to create special memories for my kids each year and it makes me happy when they start getting excited about Easter! I have a few different ways I spread the Easter spirit with my little ones and maybe I can pass on some ideas for you and your family.

When they weren't even a year old I had them in on it. Scattering eggs visibly but so they were still looking for them. I remember filling them up with "puffs" those baby sweet melty things. I would walk around with the camcorder following my baby chase eggs filled with puffs and then he would get a little gift in the end. 
As they would get bigger I would up the game a bit. My kids like puzzles so for both of them at about 3 or 4 yrs old, I would take a picture of the spot that I wanted to hid a basket or gift. Then I would print the picture usually at home on regular paper (8x10 size). Paste it onto a piece scrap cardboard that isn't too thick, like the sides of a pop case. Once dry cut out into 6 or more puzzle like pieces. It is easier to draw the shapes on back and cut out. Then I like to put a puzzle piece with/in a hollow plastic egg with a small treat as well. They find all the pieces, build the puzzle to find the prize! 

One year I drew a map, more like a floor plan of the first floor of our house. I marked about 6 X's on the map and then hid the eggs accordingly. I actually tied this with the puzzle theme above and hid puzzle pieces in the eggs with treats. Then again they made the puzzle to find the gift. You could just do the treats in egg and at the last egg have a picture or drawing of where the prize is too.

Once the kids can read, it's nice to get them solving easy riddles. Kind of like I remembered my sister doing for me. I have done this the last couple of years for my older son. I have some clues set out here to help you if you would like to try. Just cut out strips of paper with clue and hid in each egg.

I hope you all have a great Easter and get creating some wonderful family memories too! 


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