Easter Sugar Cookies

Easter is approaching now in only a matter of days the kids are super excited. They managed to dye a couple of eggs and decorate some fake plastic ones. Then I remembered at Christmas I always make tons of cookies and spend hours decorating. Usually the kids only are interested in decorating a few. This past year however my 4 yr old was decorating for hours. He loved it and even his brother more capable in his abilities was enjoying icing the cookies too. So I decided that instead of decorating more eggs that it would be fun (and tasty) to decorate some cookies.

I used Alton Brown's sugar cookie recipe on Food Network since I love his recipes. Any sugar cookie or another favourite cut out cookie recipe will do.

Now I was aiming to make some normal cookie size eggs and had to send my husband out because I didn't have an oval cutter. Well this is what he found. Of course, the kids didn't seem to mind at all! It did make a good amount of cookies for the kids to decorate without tiring of the work. I did a couple of small flowers myself, more for testing and the kids decorated the rest so it did work out well. 

For the icing I usually use a royal icing (Alton Brown has recipe for that as well). I didn't have any egg whites and I saw this other recipe online that didn't require any so I decided to try. I had to thin out quite a bit to make it squeezable for the kids to use however if you do use keep that in mind. The recipe I used is http://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/sugar-cookie-icing-64015#activity-feed

The best thing about this experience was that all I had to do (after baking cookies) was mix 3 colours of icing, set them up and they kept busy for over an hour while I made dinner. 
If you're going to get your kids to decorate cookies I highly recommend you get some squeeze bottles too. The ones I have are made by Wilton which you can usually find anywhere there product is sold, the tips are a good size for icing and not too big or small. 
Bottom line is the kids kept busy, they got to decorate eggs for Easter and now they get to eat them the next few days too!  


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