Maple Syrup Festival at Mountsberg Conservation Area

We spent a day at Mountsberg this #Marchbreak. It is a great park to visit with kids. It has a lot to intrigue them even when there is no events. Like the play barn that my kids and most others always love.

Play Barn
There is also the actual barn which has a few of the horses they have there among some sheep, chickens and rabbits. 

There is a few trails to go on, a birds of prey sanctuary where they have shows throughout the day, a lake and pond. 

There is also plenty of maples that they tap to use for their demonstrations and create maple syrup for pancake meals you can buy at the Pancake House. As you walk towards Maple Town you will see these blue buckets attached to tons (about 400) of sugar maples that sprawl through the forest.

At the Sugar Shanty building the kids watch and learn how the sap is boiled down to different levels of maple syrup. Then you can head on in to the Candy Cabin and sample some fresh made candy (fudge like stuff) that is pretty tasty and my favourite stop.

There are demonstrations all around on how maple syrup has been made through the years and by different cultures. They even have a few activities like the pancake toss. 

There is a store in the Maple Town section too that you can purchase all sorts of maple goodies. They also sell tickets to the wagon rides pulled by their lovely horses. 

The festival runs weekends and holidays (as well as March Break) until April 2, 2018 from 10am-4pm. Maple Town is free with regular admission to the park. You can get more information about the event at their website 
Another great thing about Halton Parks is that if you pay for one park you can visit any in the same day with the one receipt. Now that's a great save! 


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