#Muffin Great School Time Lunch Saver

Banana Chocolate Chip Bran Muffin
I just ran out of my freezer stash of muffins. They are so great to use for kids lunches at school with some fruit. I pack one frozen in a container for lunch and by the time they eat it, it is thawed. Nice time saver. Of course these muffins are ideal for anyone who likes muffins especially chocolate chips ones and with a healthy addition of wheat bran to get that fiber up there, it can be a good source of nutrition as well.

My bananas are frozen as you can see in photo. You can use frozen (thaw and mash first) or fresh. I like to freeze any ripe bananas I don't have time to use. It doesn't take long to thaw on counter, then peel and use all the gooey juices in recipe. 

I use coconut oil for the fat in these muffins and does it smell good when baking. Makes the batter taste delish too if you dare.

We have some nicely golden top! 

I find the yogurt use in this recipe helps to make these muffins nice and airy. I also like to mix the chocolate chips in with the dry ingredients before adding wet so you don't over mix. The more you mix the more dense it can make the muffin. 


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