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Mother's Day 2018 Events in GTA

Mother's Day is coming up in a few weeks and I personally enjoy doing things with my kids on Mother's Day. It's not a another day needed for unnecessary gifts. I love the precious little things they make me at school or even just a card made at home from them. I'd rather spend time doing something unique or fun that isn't going to break the bank for Mother's Day. Eating at a busy typical restaurant for 3 times the price isn't the only option. After all memories are the ultimate gift in my opinion. So I thought I'd look up some events held on Mother's day in Ontario and share with you.

At Crawford Lake Conservation Area they are having a guided wildflower walk. Apparently a good time to see the wildflowers while they are absorbing sun without trees in full bloom creating shade. Could be great for family if you are a flower lover and like a nice hike in fresh air. Kids will just love to hike Crawford. When you pay at a Halton Park you can visit any sam…

Giveaway! Celebrating Mommy Saves Blog $25 iTunes Gift Card

To celebrate the birth of my blog I have decided to host a giveaway. No sponsors for the giveaway here, I just thought I haven't had experience in working one, so I am work in progress and I am hoping to gain a few more readers in the process. It is after all how I came across a lot of the blogs I am familiar with and that I follow.  

I have been blogging now on Mommy Saves for almost 2 months now and have been enjoying the learning curve. I have been social on mostly Instagram and Twitter meeting new bloggers and/or mamapreneurs (my made up word for the hard working Mama's). I have been learning a lot but still have so much to learn. So here's to my first giveaway and good luck! 

Kids Birthday Party Ideas with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Theme

This weekend was the big party(s) for our 5 year old. We did a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme and carried it over from friends party at the indoor playground to family party the next day. Lets just say Logan has enjoyed all the attention over the weekend.  

We had the chocolate cake requested for the playground party. I wrote a bit a previous post on the making of the cake. He was telling me today that a few of the kids in his class were all drawing pictures from his party, namely the turtle cake! I was quite pleased to hear of such reviews from the little folk. 

I had a mix of kids and adults more for the family event on Sun afternoon. I had done a roast beef on the rotisserie and bought some fresh buns from the local bakery. I decided to make Au Jus (from packet but was a good addition) and tossed kale salad. I had seen platters on pinterest and had to do these turtle fruit and veg platters. Green jello as mutagen or turtles themselves. 

The cupcakes were a real hit! I had used …

Making a cake for the TMNT party

My son is having his 5th birthday party this weekend. He had started watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on TV a few months ago and has decided he wanted that as his theme for his party and cake.

He likes to help in the kitchen, mostly when it comes to baking. Probably because I let him help baking more then regular cooking because of time constraints and it is something easier for young kids to manage. I don't like them to see their cake before it's made but I thought he can help a bit with the making of the fondant. 

For the fondant, I like to make marshmallow fondant. It is easy and tastes good just really sweet but tastes good. Kids love it of course. I find it easier and more fun to work with fondant. I always use this recipe from Wilton's site it is pretty basic. Most are the same they just had the instructions and tools laid out easy for the first time I made and stuck with it. We are kind of having 2 parties really, his fun at an indoor playground with friends a…

DIY Loot Bags for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Birthday Party

My youngest son Logan is turning 5 at the end of this month. Ever year they get to pick a theme for their cake and party. The last couple of years we've just had house parties for Logan with family and close friends. Now that it is his first year in school and he has been watching his big brother of course over the years have his different parties at different venues, we decided to let him have a party at a local indoor playground.  

Seeing as we are having his party outside of the house, I didn't go over board with decorations and stuff. They are providing TMNT themed plates and decor at the venue which works out. We will have some family after for lunch so I may do some cool turtle fruit and veggies trays etc for here. 

One thing we are going to DIY is the loots bags. I even got to make it a craft project for the party boy! I saw these on Pinterest where I go to find all my Bday party or any crafting ideas. If you go to my feed you can see my Ninja Turtle Party Board and th…

Disney World App My Disney Experience

If you have made some reservations to Disney World and you have a smart phone, you must download this app. It is key to planning your awesome vacation. It will save you time and possible money. It will help you enjoy your stay. You don't need to have you SIM card in so if you weren't planning to bring your phone because of roaming charges and what not, just bring a pin to take out SIM on plane and you can put in again when you return and you won't use phone part of phone.

Everywhere in Disney has WiFi so you are covered and the app is a great key to making reservations for rides (FastPass+) or dining. This year they also offer mobile ordering for dining too! Now I was organized when we went but we did get stuck (especially when it unexpectedly pours right around lunch where everyone has hidden) in massive lines. Now you can sit at your picked table and just place the order on your phone and when its ready you'll get a notification to go to mobile pick up area and get …

Add Some Extra Fun and Have Some Great Souvenirs Disney Pins

There is so many things to think about once you have decided to go to Disney World and just as many articles, books and blog posts discussing many of the popular things Disney. Such as pin trading. You may have heard of the Disney pins or maybe not but the more amazing thing is did you know all the "cast members" (people working at Disney World) all wear the pins and more importantly, they trade them if you ask? It is a great fun thing to do for the kids! My kids absolutely loved this, it was a huge thing on the trip. They were always looking at everyone for a new pin they wanted of a certain character etc. 

To have the kids pin trade at Disney though, you probably want to prepare ahead of time. At Disney World the pins I believe start at $8.99US and go up from there. They do have kits you can buy like a lanyard and 2 pins for around $17.99 as a starting point but 2 pins isn't quite enough I'd say 5 at least. Buying at Disney, not best either. This is something that …

Visiting the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) with Children

We decided to visit the ROM in Toronto this past Easter weekend. Our four year old has been obsessing over dinosaurs and other creatures lately so we thought we'd try with him. The last time we went he wasn't born or just a baby and older son was 5 or 6 so it was a few years back and really first time visit for the 4 year old.
One thing I should mention is if you have a younger child who especially doesn't care for a day of walking, a stroller is a good idea. Wagon's aren't allowed as we found out the hard way. However strollers are, although maybe a problem if they are super wide. You can also rent a stroller apparently for $2. They also don't allow large bags. A back pack with some waters and snacks fine but there is stipulation on size etc. 

First we went through the biodiversity area while we read interesting facts on different animals. The kids thought the Narwhal with it's spike nose was pretty interesting. Logan remembered seeing a episode of Octona…