Add Some Extra Fun and Have Some Great Souvenirs Disney Pins

There is so many things to think about once you have decided to go to Disney World and just as many articles, books and blog posts discussing many of the popular things Disney. Such as pin trading. You may have heard of the Disney pins or maybe not but the more amazing thing is did you know all the "cast members" (people working at Disney World) all wear the pins and more importantly, they trade them if you ask? It is a great fun thing to do for the kids! My kids absolutely loved this, it was a huge thing on the trip. They were always looking at everyone for a new pin they wanted of a certain character etc. 

To have the kids pin trade at Disney though, you probably want to prepare ahead of time. At Disney World the pins I believe start at $8.99US and go up from there. They do have kits you can buy like a lanyard and 2 pins for around $17.99 as a starting point but 2 pins isn't quite enough I'd say 5 at least. Buying at Disney, not best either. This is something that can create excitement at home for the trip to come.
In the US their is options on Amazon and Ebay where you can find pins as low as a $1. You can get a nice little starter set for all the kids that they can pack on their carry on for when the get there and start trading. In Canada however, search Disney pins on Amazon and you'll pay more then you would at the park. I did see lots on Ebay for Canadian's like 30 pins around $40 including shipping, not so bad.

Another option, the option I had used but really depends where you live if available, is Kijiji and of course that is a hit or miss sometimes too. There is a couple of sellers in Hamilton Ontario ( if you search Kijiji in GTA they won't show up) who sell 5 pins for $15 and you choose your 5. I also see another who sells $1.50 each at the time of this post. Kijiji fluctuates and can be different when you view pending on inventory if any.
When we bought back in 2016 we decided to drive to Hamilton which and got a bunch to start. The kids had them in hand, it was another thing to look forward too and something to enjoy at moment too. We picked up a couple of lanyard's at a party store and they were all set.

When we were at Disney we bought some pins too as a souvenir to our trip that year. I'm sure they won't trade those one though. While we are home we have them on a cork board. I would actually like to frame the cork board and hang up on wall. Get one for each of their rooms and have them displayed until the next trip!


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