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If you have made some reservations to Disney World and you have a smart phone, you must download this app. It is key to planning your awesome vacation. It will save you time and possible money. It will help you enjoy your stay. You don't need to have you SIM card in so if you weren't planning to bring your phone because of roaming charges and what not, just bring a pin to take out SIM on plane and you can put in again when you return and you won't use phone part of phone.

Everywhere in Disney has WiFi so you are covered and the app is a great key to making reservations for rides (FastPass+) or dining. This year they also offer mobile ordering for dining too! Now I was organized when we went but we did get stuck (especially when it unexpectedly pours right around lunch where everyone has hidden) in massive lines. Now you can sit at your picked table and just place the order on your phone and when its ready you'll get a notification to go to mobile pick up area and get it. If you have the meal plan it deducts credit or you can have a credit card hooked up to the app. Even if you aren't using the mobile ordering the app gives you all the menus at all the restaurants to help you prepare while getting hungry.

The app not only helps you buy stuff but it tells you wait times at the main rides in all the parks. Now that is a great app in itself really. You can filter too so it's only for the park you are in or going to. Also, use for mapping and how long to get to that point. You can see how long to walk to ride or restaurant or you can see how it would take you to get to other park bus, boat or train.

You can pick your set FastPass+ on it and then when you are done the first 3 of the day you can start reserving others. You can read up on all the attractions and find out what are you must dos. You can see where the Characters are going to be at what times so you can plan accordingly. They even have the washrooms listed. All the entertainment is listed to so if there is something you wanted to catch, time it to be in that area around that time.

You can even book extra tours if you'd like and read all about the different offers available. Of course, once you are there and you get your picture taken at a PhotoPass spot you pictures will show up on the PhotoPass section of the app! Which are available to you to purchase for weeks after your stay. Other things like Guest Services, recreation at hotels and all the hotels themselves and their amenities etc. Spas are on there and shops. It also lists all the show times and hours of the parks. They can vary with events and early morning hours for guests at the hotels.

This App is an essential tool before, during and after your trip. Have you used the Disney App before? If so, what was your favourite feature? Is there something that I missed that you think is worth the mention? Comment below and let us know. 


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