DIY Loot Bags for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Birthday Party

My youngest son Logan is turning 5 at the end of this month. Ever year they get to pick a theme for their cake and party. The last couple of years we've just had house parties for Logan with family and close friends. Now that it is his first year in school and he has been watching his big brother of course over the years have his different parties at different venues, we decided to let him have a party at a local indoor playground.  

Seeing as we are having his party outside of the house, I didn't go over board with decorations and stuff. They are providing TMNT themed plates and decor at the venue which works out. We will have some family after for lunch so I may do some cool turtle fruit and veggies trays etc for here. 

One thing we are going to DIY is the loots bags. I even got to make it a craft project for the party boy! I saw these on Pinterest where I go to find all my Bday party or any crafting ideas. If you go to my feed you can see my Ninja Turtle Party Board and there will be all sorts of pins there I have gathered to help me plan my party. 

I had got the green bags at the dollar store. They come in packs of 10. I have in stock at home really great construction paper from Ikea. The colours are so bright and the paper quality is really great. It is a bit more cost wise but it is great crafting paper when doing stuff like this. Of course, any coloured paper should work as long as you get the turtle colours of blue, red, orange and purple. I cut the strips out and let my son glue them on the bag and glue eye on. I just cut of excess and that's it! 

As for the loot, I was actually quite amazed to see the amount of TMNT product at Party City. They always have stuff for me to work with. between them and some dollar stores I can manage but this theme, there is quite a bit. I got some tatoo's, pencils, rubic's cube, throwing star and a 55 count bag of TMNT Candy. I usually bulk the candy but it wasn't too much for the bag and thought it was pretty cool. 

That's some filled TMNT loot bags. Simple but effective craft and great way to get your partier in the mood! Next, I'll be working on the cake. I'll have to start the marshmallow fondant tomorrow!


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