Kids Birthday Party Ideas with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Theme

This weekend was the big party(s) for our 5 year old. We did a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme and carried it over from friends party at the indoor playground to family party the next day. Lets just say Logan has enjoyed all the attention over the weekend.  

We had the chocolate cake requested for the playground party. I wrote a bit a previous post on the making of the cake. He was telling me today that a few of the kids in his class were all drawing pictures from his party, namely the turtle cake! I was quite pleased to hear of such reviews from the little folk. 

I had a mix of kids and adults more for the family event on Sun afternoon. I had done a roast beef on the rotisserie and bought some fresh buns from the local bakery. I decided to make Au Jus (from packet but was a good addition) and tossed kale salad. I had seen platters on pinterest and had to do these turtle fruit and veg platters. Green jello as mutagen or turtles themselves. 

The cupcakes were a real hit! I had used a lemon lime cupcake recipe I had ripped out from a Canadian Living magazine years ago. I cooked the cakes the day before. I crumb coated with a butter cream icing and added a bit of lemon juice to it as well. I did this just before rolling out fondant. The marshmallow fondant recipe from last post I used for cake stretched enough to cover 20 cupcakes and still had plenty to spare. I rolled out the green and used a circle cookie cutter for it. 

As you can see, he was pretty happy over the weekend and really enjoyed his cakes!


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