Making a cake for the TMNT party

My son is having his 5th birthday party this weekend. He had started watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on TV a few months ago and has decided he wanted that as his theme for his party and cake.

He likes to help in the kitchen, mostly when it comes to baking. Probably because I let him help baking more then regular cooking because of time constraints and it is something easier for young kids to manage. I don't like them to see their cake before it's made but I thought he can help a bit with the making of the fondant. 

For the fondant, I like to make marshmallow fondant. It is easy and tastes good just really sweet but tastes good. Kids love it of course. I find it easier and more fun to work with fondant. I always use this recipe from Wilton's site it is pretty basic. Most are the same they just had the instructions and tools laid out easy for the first time I made and stuck with it. We are kind of having 2 parties really, his fun at an indoor playground with friends and school chums and then a family party next day. Because he wanted a ninja turtle head and cupcakes will be turtles too so I tinted 2/3 of the fondant green while melting the marshmallows rather then kneading it in later. You can also add flavouring at the melting point as well as they explain in the instructions too. 

For the actual cake I have tried a new chocolate cake recipe even though I love the old one but my goodness, the scraps I cut off on this cake, so good. It is from Ricardo and may rightfully be called the Best Best Chocolate Cake. There is a ganache recipe for this cake as well which I never used before but I looked up and read that it quite common to use as a crumb coating for the fondant to stick to cake. The ganache is so good and I think it will work better because sometimes I find it soo sweet with icing and fondant. Ganache has less sugar then 4 cups of icing sugar It's mostly dark chocolate and cream. The dark chocolate just gives it richness and not so much sweetness. I used a chocolate buttercream icing in past cakes and does work great if you prefer. 

Rolling out the fondant to cover cake you need to roll out a piece that will cover and drape well over the sides. A must is this long roller for this part. It is easy to work with and you roll fondant on roller and roll out onto cake. 

I think I should have had a bit more moisture for the fondant when I rolled out but I managed with it. I also spread the ganache the day before because making the cake the day before was necessary though the ganache I think I could have done just before and may have made it smoother, easier to clear off smudges on the dish too. 

Logan requested Leonardo to be the cake. He had just gone to a party last week and guess they had a figure or something on the cake and saw some cakes online with toy on it so he (I think this was a scam for another toy) really wanted a toy on top too. I typically spend a lot of time making fondant characters usually so this gave me a bit of a break this time so I'm not too opposed. 

I need the number of his age on there just to help me remember when I'm looking back at photos more then anything. I thought since no characters or much of anything on top I decided to at least add a frame or shadow to his lettering in the name. Makes it pop a bit more. 

In the end, I'm pretty happy how it turned out. I thought the added jellybeans just dressed it up a bit from the edges of the cuts around the cake. Now lets hope him and his friends enjoy it tomorrow with the rest of the party! 


  1. wow! that cake looks amazing! I hope you're in the cake business!

  2. Thanks! I like making the cakes but just make on occasions.


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