Visiting the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) with Children

We decided to visit the ROM in Toronto this past Easter weekend. Our four year old has been obsessing over dinosaurs and other creatures lately so we thought we'd try with him. The last time we went he wasn't born or just a baby and older son was 5 or 6 so it was a few years back and really first time visit for the 4 year old.

One thing I should mention is if you have a younger child who especially doesn't care for a day of walking, a stroller is a good idea. Wagon's aren't allowed as we found out the hard way. However strollers are, although maybe a problem if they are super wide. You can also rent a stroller apparently for $2. They also don't allow large bags. A back pack with some waters and snacks fine but there is stipulation on size etc. 

First we went through the biodiversity area while we read interesting facts on different animals. The kids thought the Narwhal with it's spike nose was pretty interesting. Logan remembered seeing a episode of Octonauts with a Narwhal.
Then the kids really enjoyed the CIBC Discovery gallery. Especially the younger one. They spent a bit of time digging for bones. They seemed to find this quite entertaining. 

There was a few areas here meant for kids, even a toddler area with some toys and books to and lots of benches to rest while they play.
They had a few different costumes to try on. Even some knight chain-mail or helmet to try on. It was fitting for my older son because we just read Narnia Prince Caspian and they often mentioned the armor. 

On this same level there is a bat cave that mimics the habitat they live in as you get to walk through what is made to be a cave and find out some interesting stuff on caves and bats.
There is a little forest area they liked where they had pictures of things that were hidden in this forest setting. It was great to see how animals can blend into their surroundings. We spent a bit of time finding all the things.

We finally made it to the Dinosaurs. Logan was quite interested in these guys, but when it became more reading and a very busy area with an appetite ensuing his interest was falling. I think he was expecting more of a Dinosaur's Alive theme park thing like at Canada's Wonderland which is more entertaining for younger ones I guess.  

We decided to purchase lunch because we checked in ahead and saw there was a variety and not crazily priced. You can check out the menu to see for yourself Druxy's at ROM. You could bring a lunch they have other spots for people who packed a lunch too. Their is a McDonald's set to open this spring right across the street. I couldn't find info on whether they allow you to go in and out on ticket so it may be something to call about if you are interested in that. 

After lunch we attempted level 3 to see some mummies and knights armors etc. A few hours was all Logan could really handle with it not being very hands on in these areas. Level 2 was more set up for the younger folk in mind. Liam could have spent an hour or so longer in there looking at stuff but it is a lot at once. All in all it was a good outing, we didn't expect to see everything and figured our son may tire after a while so we weren't disappointed to that effect.
If you are planning on visiting and want a great save check out the deal at it's quite a bit cheaper per person as a family we saved $20. I don't believe you need a membership to shop at online either unlike the store.


  1. So much to see! I like the chain mail.. don't think I have ever seen them in real life.

  2. thanks for the Costco advice. it will save us $40!


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