Gift Idea's for Mother's Day

Mother's Day seems to have crept up. I think the snow storm in the later half of April that seemed to linger in the Toronto Area up to the last week of April kind of made it seem that we were still in March at least in my mind. So now that the weather is on the up and up, with today like a summers day, the realization of how close Mother's Day is well shocking. 

Of course, if you've been reading the blog you'll noticed I wrote about some stuff to do in the area. When you have young kids like I do, I find it more about an activity. However, when it comes to my Mom or my Mother-in-law, I usually opt for a nice family visit and try to pick out a special gift. Flowers are always well received and time with family is key. Even so, it's nice to alternate and show mom that shes special with some unique gifts or use a combination. 

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Self-Watering Flower Garden Jar - Pansy

If your mom is the Gardening type, there is some great pieces at Indigo online, like this self watering garden pansy. It is a reusable planter and includes, Certified Non-GMO Pansy Seed (they are edible!) and everything to start from seed and feed. They also have a variety of herbs in the self watering mason's. How useful that would be in the kitchen! I am forever forgetting to water plants until they show me I'm neglecting them. Not to mention, they are 25% off right now until May 6th and there is free shipping online no minimum until May 3rd. There is also some other great gardening stuff all 25% as well here too worth a look. 


If your mom is a fan of tea, especially steeping her own here is a really cute set. They have one for Grandma too. There is also this cute stemless wine glass that comes in a cute case. Both items are also 25% until May 6th. 

Kobo Aura Edition 2

If your mom likes to read, the Kobo Aura Edition 2 is $30 off right now. If she prefers to read on paper they are having 50% select titles that are geared for different moms. 


  1. lots of really great ideas! I love the herbs in the self watering mason's or the self watering garden pansy.

  2. I know right! I loved fresh herbs but I eventually starve my poor plants indoors when I'm always outdoors. I think the mason would solve my problems and you get to grow from organic seed source, plus it's pretty cute looking!

  3. My mom has most of these except the kindle that suits her well. Very nice suggestion


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