Homemade Mini Burgers

With the onset of May, the warmer weather seems to finally be upon us. In my neck of the woods, we kind of went from Winter to Summer. These days have been warmer then the average early May temps and more reminiscent of a early or even mid June. Nonetheless, for me a little bit of sunshine and above zero temps are enough to get me out there with the BBQ. 

Today being one of those beautiful days, I thought the family would enjoy some burgers, or mini burgers in this case. I actually opted for the mini burgers because the bun I sourced was a whole wheat type dinner rolls from the bakery section. They looked like the perfect texture for my homemade burgers so I decided to shrink the burgers for the bun. 

Of course, the kids sure didn't mind that at all. After all if we go out for dinner ever and mini burgers are on the menu, it is highly likely they will be chosen. They are still kind of neat to eat for adults too. I tend to buy cocktail style tomato right now, and they fight the burger just right. Even my onion was the right circular size. It was like it was all meant to be.

Homemade burgers are really quite easy to make and don't take long to make either. You do have to get your hands dirty but it is well worth it. Once you try and make your own burgers, you may never buy store bought again!

The trick I used to get the burgers the same size was to put meat in the centre between two pieces of parchment paper (or wax paper) about the size of a cookie sheet. Then you take an actual cookie sheet and press down to flatten the meat to about 1/2 thick. Alternatively you can use a rolling pin too.

To cut into circular shape I use a circle cookie cutter about 1/2 an inch bigger all around then bun allowing for shrinkage. If you don't have circle cutter you can try a glass. If you can't cut through you can just press to get shape then follow out line with knife. You'll have to collect scrapes and repeat press/cut process again until all meat used up.

Make sure to preheat your grill for at least 10 minutes. Then set to medium heat. They are pretty small and thin burgers so they don't take long to cook. I had to prep everything else first then grill these when ready. It's about 3 min per side.

We go through lots of cheese here so we have a big Costco chunk of cheese. I just sliced some strips off and cut in half for again perfect size. Put the cheese on before taking off the grill and close grill for about 30 sec or more to get the cheese to hug the burger.

Here we have it, a pretty awesome mini burger! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 


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