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Chickpea Salad with Lemon and Dill

I like to buy dried chickpeas, cook and freeze them for a healthy option quick at hand. This way you can use 1/2 cup to multiple cups. Seeing as I did have a bag in the freezer, I decided to make a chickpea salad for lunch one day. I enjoyed it very much and seeing as we are having a get together this weekend I thought it would make a great potluck side! 

With all these wonderful ingredients, it is a great, healthy dish. You could easily change up the pepper from red to yellow or orange. You could use cherry, grape or mixture of tomatoes like I've done here. If you don't have green onions on hand, you could substitute about a 1/4 of red onion minced or even shallots would be good. I used mini cucumbers but of course a whole English one would work as well. 

I made the recipe on the blog for a larger serving but of course you can just half the ingredients for a dinner side dish. Although, left overs are not a bad thing here. 

Great Deals Just In Time for Summer Break

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The kids are just about out of school or in some places already are and Indigo has some great deals going on right now that may just help you in the coming weeks!

First off, if you're a Plum Rewards collector you can get $5 worth of point after purchase of 3 books and $10 after purchase of 5. If you are not a plum collector yet, it's a free program and easy to sign up online before your purchase. Not only that but there is some great deals on books like the Harry Potter House Editions.

For the younger kids beef up their home library with great savings of 25% online for Canadian kids books.

While the kids are building a sand castle on the beach you could use a book to peruse and the year's bestsellers thus far are up to 40% off

Apart from books there is some other sales going on like these Dash small appliances. The mini waffle maker looks cute and love the see th…

BBQ Shredded Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Mushroom Soup

Shredded meat is usually thought of as a slow cook method but you can actually achieve pretty tasty and full of that BBQ saucy flavour with a quick grill method and chicken breasts. 

I actually made the shredded chicken the night before for the family because I had left over buns from our get together the previous day. Lucky for me, there was some left over and the flavour seemed to intensity or maybe it was just the great combination of the creamy avocado paired with it. 
If you are having a hard time finding boston type lettuce, I'm sure even romaine or kale will do just fine in a pinch. As I mentioned, the chicken is great on a bun as well if you like. On a bun topped with avocado/guacamole or a peppy coleslaw will be sure to satisfy as well. 

The shredded wraps came about from my experimenting with cold cut, veg and lettuce wraps and found them to be delicious and very satisfying. My husband requested some soup for lunch and I had a package of mushrooms with some fresh produc…

Things to do as a Family this Father's Day

We are now well into June and Father's Day is approaching. If you have little ones and want to do something as a family I have a list here of some events for mainly Toronto area or at least with 90 min from.

First off is the Sound of Music Festival in Burlington. It's a large music festival that lasts over a week running June 9 - 17. The free portion is now designated to June 14th - 17th. The Family Zone runs over the free weekend which is Father's Day weekend. Focusing on the Free weekend they have a Carnival for that time tickets are $1.75 and rides are 1-3 tickets. There is bulk prices too. There is a Street Festival of the festival which closes a long strip of Brant street right to Lakeshore. Over the weekend they have a family zone too which has games and activities. There is also a parade on the Saturday from 10am -1pm. We've been in the past and it has been a great experience. There is all sorts of varying musicians at different locations as you wonder around an…