BBQ Shredded Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Mushroom Soup

Shredded meat is usually thought of as a slow cook method but you can actually achieve pretty tasty and full of that BBQ saucy flavour with a quick grill method and chicken breasts. 

I actually made the shredded chicken the night before for the family because I had left over buns from our get together the previous day. Lucky for me, there was some left over and the flavour seemed to intensity or maybe it was just the great combination of the creamy avocado paired with it. 

If you are having a hard time finding boston type lettuce, I'm sure even romaine or kale will do just fine in a pinch. As I mentioned, the chicken is great on a bun as well if you like. On a bun topped with avocado/guacamole or a peppy coleslaw will be sure to satisfy as well. 

The shredded wraps came about from my experimenting with cold cut, veg and lettuce wraps and found them to be delicious and very satisfying. My husband requested some soup for lunch and I had a package of mushrooms with some fresh produce like leeks and lettuce from his parents garden! What a bonus. I thought these neat little packaged wraps would be fantastic with a portion of mushroom soup. 

This mushroom soup doesn't have any cream but the mushrooms still bring in a velvety texture and you won't miss it even in it's simplicity. I do use cremini mushrooms which I find have more flavour but white will do too. Leeks are always a favourite of mine when it come to soup. They work well with the mushrooms and they complement each other as the end result. 


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