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Farm Fresh Peach Crisp Using Ground Oat Flour

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Peaches have become one of our favourite fruits in our house, at least when they are in season from the local farms in Niagara Region. I don't know if its just me, but they are always so juicy and full of flavour when I get them at the market.

At this time of year there is so many of natures treasures to be found at the farmers market or pick your own farm. I feel I need to make at least weekly! I am so happy my kids enjoy all the harvest too because buying at the market is great but when you buy more you save more and you get a ton! I can't help myself but to buy a lot when the season is so short. Like a large 4 L basket for $10! Can't go wrong with price though it's a lot of peaches. 

Peaches aren't the only thing in season and well local cherries, plums and apricots found their way home with us as well. We are a family of four fruit lovers but eating a…

Toronto's High Park a Great Family Day Out

My mother enjoys long walks and enjoys the walks more when there is beautiful gardens to look at or some cute little critter. The boys, they enjoy a hike but to them a reward of a cool playground for a quick game of tag or hide and seek makes the walk more enjoyable. At High Park in Toronto there is plenty to please them all. 

The Gardens here are manicured and mature. High Park is set on just shy of 400 acres. The Hillside Garden is full of beautiful plantings and fountains. There is a gorgeous garden with the most beautiful mature trees with a water feature going down the hill with the garden that is a must see. Full of butterflies and different wild flowers that make for lovely photo opportunities. 

Once you're down the hill, there is the Grenadier Pond. There is some trails that go around the pond and there is fishing permitted at certain points of the pond too. 

After a quick stroll past part of the pond we climb up the hill again and passed through the Children's garden…

Summer Fresh Salad

One thing I love about the summer weather is all the fresh produce! I love salad's and I eat a lot of salad year round. I'm really all for salad! It is a great way to get in a healthy and varied mixed of nutrition. You can opt for a leafy salad, a grain salad, fruit, potato, pulses and bean salads etc etc. So much nutrition and vitamins the natural way. When you are trying to eat and maintain a healthy diet salads are very resourceful. 

Currently we have started picking season and I had picked my second batch of a 4 liter basket of strawberries. We are unfortunately at the end of the short strawberry season here in Ontario but while they are here and I have an abundant, they are a great addition to a leaf salad. What better leaf then arugula! My favourite hands down. Such a unique peppery taste! I can just munch arugula straight from the garden with nothing on it. 

Strawberries aren't the only highlight in this salad, summer brings all sorts of local farm fresh food. I lo…