Toronto's High Park a Great Family Day Out

My mother enjoys long walks and enjoys the walks more when there is beautiful gardens to look at or some cute little critter. The boys, they enjoy a hike but to them a reward of a cool playground for a quick game of tag or hide and seek makes the walk more enjoyable. At High Park in Toronto there is plenty to please them all. 

The Gardens here are manicured and mature. High Park is set on just shy of 400 acres. The Hillside Garden is full of beautiful plantings and fountains. There is a gorgeous garden with the most beautiful mature trees with a water feature going down the hill with the garden that is a must see. Full of butterflies and different wild flowers that make for lovely photo opportunities. 

Once you're down the hill, there is the Grenadier Pond. There is some trails that go around the pond and there is fishing permitted at certain points of the pond too. 

After a quick stroll past part of the pond we climb up the hill again and passed through the Children's garden area. This area seems to be more of use for educational camps or tours. Caught a snap of this little chipmunk hanging out in the hay. You can stroll the gardens the we cut through the wooded trails to cut to the amazing playground the kids were impatiently waiting for. 

The Jaime Bell Adventure playground at High Park is great for adventure. It is a unique playground with lots of space and play areas to have fun. 

It has the appearance of a fairy tale village. There is areas for all ages. It's also partially fenced in mainly in the toddler side so they can't get too far out but likely take enjoyment in hiding in one of the buildings. 

My boys decided to go for a hide and seek approach since there was lots of secret passages and great spots to hide. 

Logan loved these tires that hid you from view and also gave you access to climb down too! 

The playground was great fun. After a stop at the hot dog cart and ice cream truck that I think are almost always situated in the area, we decided to venture to the zoo before heading out. 

It isn't a huge zoo but impressive and free to visit. We stopped and had a picture with the Llama basking in the sun. There was Bison, Yak's, Peacocks, Wallabies and Emu's to name a few.  

That was it for our visit today but we didn't touch half of the park. There is a wadding/splash pad area on the other side as well as a large outdoor pool and many trails etc. For more information you can visit


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