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Apple Picking Experience at Chudleigh's Farm

It's the start of Apple Picking season in Southern Ontario. If you have never been apple picking, you may not be aware of the many, many varieties available to you from your local farm! Far beyond the staples at your average grocery store like the Gala, Red Delicious or Granny Smith. If you haven't been you should give it a try once, even if apples aren't your favourite fruit. You'd be surprised how delicious they are right of the tree so fresh and local. Not only that the benefits are huge and they naturally have a decent shelf life! I'm not going to go into detail here on all the varieties and how long they keep etc but you can definietly find out that information from the farm you go to, or here for  Chudleigh's varieties 

Now if you have children, from 2-12 a great way to try apple picking is by visiting Chudleigh's in Milton Ontario. Not only can you go picking apples, but you can enjoy the day out with a variety of activities. You can enjoy a lunch t…

A Visit to Storybook Garden's In London Ontario

The summer has been moving fast and I really craved a new experience that the kids and I haven't done yet. We've managed to visit all the kid friendly attractions in the GTA and after our recent camping trip in South Western Ontario I had discovered that there is a few places not too far outside the city that might be worth the trip.

Storybook Gardens in London, Ontario was a great choice. Why I think it was a great choice and worth the 90 min drive plus the gas to get there. Well for starters the admission is reasonable. 

Storybook Garden's is open year round. During summer they operate daily and admission is $7.75 a person or $27 family of 4 and is inclusive of taxes. From Sept 4 to Oct 8 they are open Tues-Fri at $6.50 each or $20 for 4 however weekend prices are same as summer. There is no mention on pricing beyond this but they claim open all year and have skating rink. I'm guessing that it will be posted on site closer to that time. 

What you get for the admissi…

Leisurely Day Out At Jack Darling and Rattray Marsh.

During the summer months, I stay at home with my children and make a point of visiting my mom once a week. She is getting on in years but thoroughly enjoys a good walk and some fresh air. The kids like going for hikes or nature walks too. They do enjoy them more when there is a playground or splash pad or both to provide them with some extra fun.

This time we decided to venture a bit south to the Lake, Lake Ontario and the Lakeshore in Mississauga's Jack Darling Memorial Park. 

Jack Darling is a great city park meant for family fun and relaxing. It is a great picnic area whether with you spouse and children or extended family areas for up to 150 people equipped with BBQ's and water. There is an off leash park there for the family dog as well and lots of trails along the lake.

There is also a splash pad, washroom with change area by splash pad and playgrounds. 

If you walk along the lake trail to the west you will come to Rattray Marsh Conservation area. There is no cost to go…

Camping and Day Trips in South Western Ontario

We finally got to go camping this past long weekend in Ontario. It has been a crazy busy summer as far as weekends go but luckily, although I left a little late, I was able to locate a great conservation area that we were able to enjoy in the lovely Southwest Ontario! 

Lake Whittaker was where we ended up and it is a great weekend spot. It is only 30-40 minutes away from the lovely Port Stanley that sits on Lake Erie and about 10 min away from the town Aylmer. Not too far from another cute town St Thomas. All these areas have nice spots for day trips. We only managed to to visit a few as we took in and enjoyed some of the offerings at the conservation area itself.

For example, at Lake Whittaker Conservation Area in Southwest Ontario I was quite surprised to see all the events and extras they do every weekend in the summer. When you pull in after registration, there is a board posted with all the different activities going on all summer.

While we were camping there we were lucky enoug…

A Day Trip To Wasaga Beach Provincial Park

Wasaga Beach is a great day trip out of the city. It can be a scenic ride if you take the back roads too. Some beautiful hills and views from atop them. 

There is a nice main strip with different beach shops and some spots to eat or get a treat. Great for a leisure stroll. Though we didn't venture there on this trip. We stuck to the Wasaga Beach Provincal Park.   

The park is a great spot just beside the main strip. At the park it is a bit quieter and there is picnic uses. Plus it's patrolled by rangers. More family oriented. We wound up here this time because we were unaware of the Biker Festival taking place and we were just looking for some family time at the beach for this trip. It was perfect for this. 

It was an overcast day but it was very busy along the other areas and not too bad at the park. It is $20 a vehicle to the park which isn't too bad helping conservation and having to pay to park in the area anyway. 

Now we are lucky enough to have a pool in our yard and swi…