A Day Trip To Wasaga Beach Provincial Park

Wasaga Beach is a great day trip out of the city. It can be a scenic ride if you take the back roads too. Some beautiful hills and views from atop them. 

There is a nice main strip with different beach shops and some spots to eat or get a treat. Great for a leisure stroll. Though we didn't venture there on this trip. We stuck to the Wasaga Beach Provincal Park.   

The park is a great spot just beside the main strip. At the park it is a bit quieter and there is picnic uses. Plus it's patrolled by rangers. More family oriented. We wound up here this time because we were unaware of the Biker Festival taking place and we were just looking for some family time at the beach for this trip. It was perfect for this. 

It was an overcast day but it was very busy along the other areas and not too bad at the park. It is $20 a vehicle to the park which isn't too bad helping conservation and having to pay to park in the area anyway. 

Now we are lucky enough to have a pool in our yard and swimming is something the kids get to do daily in the summer months but there is still something about the beach the kids enjoy. 

The great thing about Wasaga Beach is that the waters are so shallow, calm and sandy, not rocky making it perfect for the kids to have fun without having too stress too much about them going to far.

At the end of the day, the kids were so happy with the visit. We have had many busy days and tons of day trips but they by far loved being at the beach. They enjoyed trying to catch fish in buckets, building sand castles, playing Frisbee in the water and having water gun fights whats not to love! 


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