Leisurely Day Out At Jack Darling and Rattray Marsh.

During the summer months, I stay at home with my children and make a point of visiting my mom once a week. She is getting on in years but thoroughly enjoys a good walk and some fresh air. The kids like going for hikes or nature walks too. They do enjoy them more when there is a playground or splash pad or both to provide them with some extra fun.

This time we decided to venture a bit south to the Lake, Lake Ontario and the Lakeshore in Mississauga's Jack Darling Memorial Park. 

Jack Darling is a great city park meant for family fun and relaxing. It is a great picnic area whether with you spouse and children or extended family areas for up to 150 people equipped with BBQ's and water. There is an off leash park there for the family dog as well and lots of trails along the lake.

There is also a splash pad, washroom with change area by splash pad and playgrounds. 

If you walk along the lake trail to the west you will come to Rattray Marsh Conservation area. There is no cost to go through the marsh. There is a boardwalk trail all along and it is bustling with nature noises. 

It is a comfortable stroll around the marsh and it's quite popular. You can catch some great nature pictures too. 

The marsh was a bit low, but when it flows the ducks and frogs are around to be seen plenty.

It's a great frugal way to spend the day out and enjoy the summer. Of course there is tons of rocks to be skipped as well! 


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