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Fall Camping in Goderich and We Visit Harry Potter Festival

This past weekend we had our last camping trip of the season at least in Ontario. We had tickets to the Festival of Wizardry in Blyth and seeing as it is a two hour drive for us, I thought it was a good idea to go camping as well. 

The festival was a lot of fun. They really went all out and had even Quddich matches running all weekend. We went on the Saturday though on the Sunday they even had Bonnie Wright aka Ginny Weasley there to sign autographs. 

There was a mini train to take you around the grounds. Tons of places to purchase some wizarding crafts. The highlight was the Archery Tag booth. We were there pretty early and they took reservations all day long for a free session. It was for 10 and up because of the ability to handle the bow so it was just my husband and eldest son participating. They loved it though and it was even fun to watch. 

There was wizarding classes all over. The boys loved learning spells from the wizard professors there and having duels against them. They were …

Wholesome, Easy and Delicious Oat Waffles

I don't know about you but I love waffles. When I decided to cut out refined flour in my diet it hurt. Then after a while I decided to experiment with Oats and making my own flour. 

I am loving the quick steel cut oats and the fact that I can pick up a huge back at Costco is just awesome really! I love the steel cut quick oats because I eat them at least 5 times a week! Of course I mix it up a bit. I mostly cook them for oatmeal most mornings, or I like to add an overnight oats dish once a week and alternate waffles or pancakes once a week. Anytime I make pancakes or waffles, I just grind the oats as needed. Wholesome, healthy and delicious. 

I love to top my waffles with all the in season fruits mostly. Peaches are still in season though done shortly. They are great fresh and mixed with berries. My kids love apple season, which has just begun. They love when I slice apples thick, melt about a tablespoon of butter and add about a tablespoon or so of maple flakes (you can use brown s…

Using Rewards To Get You on Your Way To Disney World Plus Other Ways to Earn or Save

Disney World is most often thought of the most magical place in the world. If you've been there you've seen and felt the pixie dust. If you haven't you might be holding back because yes magic seems to come with a price tag. The great thing about Disney World is that there is vacation for everyone. The more you plan, the more you'll save so starting a year or so in advance will rev you up and get you your best deals or "magic you way".

I've seen some great articles and other blog posts with great tips for saving. Most of them I have visited applied mostly to our American friends. Even so, visiting the sites got me thinking of ways to reap some "rewards" too. In the US they have have options like a Disney Visa that rewards you with a cash back style reward in Disney Dream Reward Dollars. They also offer huge incentives (bonus for signing up) to get you a jump start. Target had entered Canada for a short time and they have their own credit card whe…

Creative Mini Golf Courses at Timber Creek in Stouffville

During the summer vacation the boys really enjoy playing mini golf. We had gone to a few close by in GTA. We didn't or haven't made it out to Niagara Falls where they have the great Dinosaur course there that I enjoy too with a bit more entertainment value added the average. We visited some local courses in our area that are quick and nothing too creative, although kids still liked playing them (they do still enjoy putting into a cup after all). So when we arrived at Timber Creek we were all pleased and happy to play. 

It is a bit of a trek for us being outside of Toronto on the west side of things and Timber Creek is in Stoufville which is outside Toronto on the Northeast. It was about an hour but I have to say, because it was a well thought out course and we played both courses (which is mainly because they allow you to play second 18 for $5) we spent a few hours there making the trip worth while.  

As I had mentioned before, they have 2 mini golf courses. We played the Log…