Creative Mini Golf Courses at Timber Creek in Stouffville

During the summer vacation the boys really enjoy playing mini golf. We had gone to a few close by in GTA. We didn't or haven't made it out to Niagara Falls where they have the great Dinosaur course there that I enjoy too with a bit more entertainment value added the average. We visited some local courses in our area that are quick and nothing too creative, although kids still liked playing them (they do still enjoy putting into a cup after all). So when we arrived at Timber Creek we were all pleased and happy to play. 

It is a bit of a trek for us being outside of Toronto on the west side of things and Timber Creek is in Stoufville which is outside Toronto on the Northeast. It was about an hour but I have to say, because it was a well thought out course and we played both courses (which is mainly because they allow you to play second 18 for $5) we spent a few hours there making the trip worth while.  

As I had mentioned before, they have 2 mini golf courses. We played the Logging Camp first. There was a lot of water play running through this course. The landscaping is spot on and the construction is nicely done. There is a cute water mill, a few bridges and some water falls. There is even a hole where the water is literally part of the play. Pretty much anywhere you hit the ball, it rolls in the stream and gets carried out towards the hole! Pretty cool. Lots of cleverness and thought was put in to the courses. 

We thoroughly enjoyed playing the Logging Camp course that we jumped at the opportunity to play the other course Shipwreck. This course was busier and seemed more popular. One of the courses had 19 holes as well which I think is the Shipwreck based on the admission is slightly more. It is $10 for adult and $7.50 child for Logging Camp and $11.50/$8.00 for the Shipwreck course. If you decide to play a second round at either it's $5 a person for second round which was reasonable and good outing for not too much.

On the Shipwreck course they have used a few marooned boats. The boats actually come into play. One of the holes is in the actual boat pictured above. 

The kids are on the bridge where there is a tipping bucket. On one of the holes you can take the challenging way by waiting for the bucket to tip, it raises a breaker that leads directly to the hole. You then have seconds to time getting ball under, tricky but fun to try it. 

Honestly ever hole was fun and had it's features but I couldn't write on each one. This one pictured above your starting in the marooned end of a boat, you putt up hill and the ball will roll to the left. You have to choose to how far up to go to where your ball comes out of three spots. The wood pieces on the ground are where your supposed to aim for depending on where you think the ball should come out.

Bottom line, if you're in the GTA and looking for something to do or more specifically mini golf like it used to be 20 years ago but even better, this place Timber Creek Golf and Family Fun Centre is worth the visit. I will mention as well, although we didn't do any of the following activities, there is batting cages, driving range, gemstone mining and inflatables. They also had a food truck that looks to be a regular fixture as well as ice cream bar indoors. 


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