Fall Camping in Goderich and We Visit Harry Potter Festival

This past weekend we had our last camping trip of the season at least in Ontario. We had tickets to the Festival of Wizardry in Blyth and seeing as it is a two hour drive for us, I thought it was a good idea to go camping as well. 

The festival was a lot of fun. They really went all out and had even Quddich matches running all weekend. We went on the Saturday though on the Sunday they even had Bonnie Wright aka Ginny Weasley there to sign autographs. 

There was a mini train to take you around the grounds. Tons of places to purchase some wizarding crafts. The highlight was the Archery Tag booth. We were there pretty early and they took reservations all day long for a free session. It was for 10 and up because of the ability to handle the bow so it was just my husband and eldest son participating. They loved it though and it was even fun to watch. 

There was wizarding classes all over. The boys loved learning spells from the wizard professors there and having duels against them. They were practicing them long after we left the festival. The Festival is done for this year but I'm sure it will be an annual event after a couple successful years.  

After visiting the festival and participating in the scavenger hunt that went through the town, we headed back to the campsite at Point Farms Provincial Park in Goderich. They were still going on about the festival so I decided that while Kevin prepped the fire and I started our dinner the kids could keep busy by finding some sticks to transform with paint into wands.

Point Farms is a Provincial Park situated just outside of the town Goderich. It has a lot of beach frontage on lake Huron. There is lots of trails to hike at the park as well and it's a great spot to take in some nature. Fall is a great time to experience this setting even without going in the water. 

The sunsets there are incredible. I was very happy to catch a few photos of the sun dipping down behind the water. 

The town of Goderich is small but offers a lot of city conveniences like a Walmart and Canadian Tire. the downtown is quite cute and the have a courthouse circle to which a lot of the main streets flow off and is attractive. 

Not sure how busy it gets in the summer but there is lots of beach front again. It is very rocky beach but a beautiful bluish hue to the waters. Lots of parks and trails along the waterfront. There is even a golf course right there. 

Before leaving on the Sunday we decide to go on one of the trails over an old train bridge. We could see all the salmon and other fish over the bridge in the shallow waters. So of course we had to try and catch something. Although there was no catch it was a nice walk and the kids still enjoyed it.


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