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Easy Halloween Rice Cereal Treat

I'm thinking as I write the title of this post that it almost seems silly to make a treat before the eruption of goodies to come next week but if you have small children you know that the lead up can be more fun then the actual event. 
I'll admit these aren't "Pinterest" worthy and I almost didn't post because they are cute but not super pretty like a lot of the posts, including the ones I searched for inspiration. But that's it, I just needed inspiration and I really wanted to have my son involved in making a treat that wasn't going to take all day to do. 

He's only 5 and was able to get on a chair and stir the marshmallows as they melted in the butter. Then I added a bit of vanilla and green food colouring as he started to stir (I did have to mix the in the cereal to get it mixed well enough). I poured it in the greased pan and he patted down. 
Here is where time to harden may have resulted in better looking product however someone was eager to get…

New Found Recipes for My High Speed Blender

Wow, I never realized how much these new high speed blenders are so much more useful. I mean I had the old rustic Oyster from years passed and didn't quite get all the hype until I received a Breville Fresh and Furious blender.

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I mean with my little Bullet style blender and my Immersion blender I didn't think I'd really need a full size blender expect for the odd slushie making for pool parties! Well I was wrong. I think I'd rather toss the other two (as useful as they can be grinding oats with the bullet and making sauce with immersion). 

I wasn't even thinking blender the other day when I decided to peruse the internet looking for a pancake recipe with oats for flour and apples incorporated in the recipe. Well, when I found this recipe Steel Cut Oat Apple Blender Pancakes (Glu…

A Day Trip in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

This past long weekend we ventured out of town for a soccer tournament. It was quite far for us really, 8 hour drive plus the stop overs for meals etc. We had a long weekend and an extra day (kids landed on a PA day which worked in our favour) though with the long drive back and forth it was a pretty busy schedule.

We thought since we traveled all that way we would make the most of it and extend our stay for a little bit. Seeing as the tournament was for Liam, Logan needed something to look forward to after patiently watching all of Liam's games. 

As you might of noticed from previous posts Logan has a mini golf obsession currently. Everyone else in the family is on board since mini golf is always a good bit of fun. Lucky for us our day trip plans had a great mini golf course right in Franklin Square Philadelphia

The greatest thing about this course is that there was little replicas of major monuments or attractions of the city of Philadelphia. We stayed in a hotel in the city and …

Comforting Instant Pot Chili Recipe

We are into the fall months now and although in a lot of places including the Toronto area where I'm at, the month of September has been incredibly warm. Yet as soon as the first day of fall hits you really have to notice the shorter days and cooler nights. I do enjoy fall, at least the first half of it while all the leaves are changing and the crisp cool air. I also enjoy the comfort foods at this time of year, especially when you have those particular cloudy cool days that seem to get to your bones. A great bowl of Chili is just the perfect recipe to give you some warmth.

One great reason chili is a great recipe to make in the beginning of fall is that you can use a lot of local (or even better back yard) produce. Tomatoes and peppers still going strong before the frost. In this recipe I had an abundance of fresh tomatoes that my Father in law grew that I opted for instead of the can of diced tomatoes I would use in the middle of winter. If using fresh you want a meaty variety …