A Day Trip in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Franklin Bridge Replica

This past long weekend we ventured out of town for a soccer tournament. It was quite far for us really, 8 hour drive plus the stop overs for meals etc. We had a long weekend and an extra day (kids landed on a PA day which worked in our favour) though with the long drive back and forth it was a pretty busy schedule.

Art Museum Replica

We thought since we traveled all that way we would make the most of it and extend our stay for a little bit. Seeing as the tournament was for Liam, Logan needed something to look forward to after patiently watching all of Liam's games. 

Independence Hall replica

As you might of noticed from previous posts Logan has a mini golf obsession currently. Everyone else in the family is on board since mini golf is always a good bit of fun. Lucky for us our day trip plans had a great mini golf course right in Franklin Square Philadelphia

Liberty Bell Replica

The greatest thing about this course is that there was little replicas of major monuments or attractions of the city of Philadelphia. We stayed in a hotel in the city and just walked from the hotel to Franklin's square. Then after we golfed all the replicas we walked around Philly and spotted most of the originals. 

Logan Square and Art Museum Steps behind us

As we walked back towards our hotel again we didn't have to walk far before the site of the Liberty Bell was before us. The actual line to go in the building was quiet large so we only glimpsed from the window. Close by to the bell is Independence Hall another largely historic building. 

We continued on towards Logan's Square and on our way we stopped at some shops. The kids had to try a Dunkin Donut and had a iced coffee which were all great treats. We walked through LOVE Park which led us up to Logan's square. At the end of Logan's Square is the Art Museum that is the famous steps in the Rocky Movie. We traveled to the circle of Logan Square and passed by the Academy of Natural Sciences where they had a cool praying mantis outside. Unfortunately our time was short there we enjoyed out visit. We managed to walk 7 miles in Philadelphia.  


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