Comforting Instant Pot Chili Recipe

We are into the fall months now and although in a lot of places including the Toronto area where I'm at, the month of September has been incredibly warm. Yet as soon as the first day of fall hits you really have to notice the shorter days and cooler nights. I do enjoy fall, at least the first half of it while all the leaves are changing and the crisp cool air. I also enjoy the comfort foods at this time of year, especially when you have those particular cloudy cool days that seem to get to your bones. A great bowl of Chili is just the perfect recipe to give you some warmth.

One great reason chili is a great recipe to make in the beginning of fall is that you can use a lot of local (or even better back yard) produce. Tomatoes and peppers still going strong before the frost. In this recipe I had an abundance of fresh tomatoes that my Father in law grew that I opted for instead of the can of diced tomatoes I would use in the middle of winter. If using fresh you want a meaty variety like a plum tomato. I even was given the peppers and onions too! How awesome is that.

I'm such a fan of whole mushrooms in a chili. I've noticed it's not something a lot of chili recipes include. You can make this recipe without but if you like mushrooms you'll love them in a good chili. I also like to top off the bowl with shredded cheese and green onions, sometimes a dollop of yogurt or sour cream. My son likes the yogurt if I make too spicy it takes the bite away a bit. If you are not a lover of spicy hot, remove seeds from hot pepper should be manageable. Of course if you love it spicy you can add more though it's easier to make spicier then to take it away.


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