Easy Halloween Rice Cereal Treat

I'm thinking as I write the title of this post that it almost seems silly to make a treat before the eruption of goodies to come next week but if you have small children you know that the lead up can be more fun then the actual event. 
I'll admit these aren't "Pinterest" worthy and I almost didn't post because they are cute but not super pretty like a lot of the posts, including the ones I searched for inspiration. But that's it, I just needed inspiration and I really wanted to have my son involved in making a treat that wasn't going to take all day to do. 

He's only 5 and was able to get on a chair and stir the marshmallows as they melted in the butter. Then I added a bit of vanilla and green food colouring as he started to stir (I did have to mix the in the cereal to get it mixed well enough). I poured it in the greased pan and he patted down. 
Here is where time to harden may have resulted in better looking product however someone was eager to get into the cool looking Halloween treats! It was getting late and fancy wasn't the point here. So they rest while I melted the chocolate chips in the microwave. Did that by using 50% power at 30 seconds, stirring and repeating until mostly melted then reducing time so it is just melted not to burn chocolate. 

Once the chocolate was melted I did try to get my son to dip but the bars into it but they were a bit soft, (time or refrigeration for better results) therefore I did the dipping and face. Then after a couple I just spread it on which worked fine. When I ran our of eyes, I just spread the remaining bars with leftover chocolate, and it is still a great rice cereal treat. 

If you are interested in making your own and need rice square recipe I used 3 tbsp of butter, 4 cups of marshmallows and 6 cups of rice cereal. Optional 1 tsp vanilla and food colouring.
Melt butter over med low heat then add marshmallows and stir until melted (using mini marshmallows speeds process but can use bigger ones). I add about tsp vanilla and in this case food colouring about 6-10 drops depending on colour to melted marshmallows. Pour or scoop really into a greased 8x13 pan to set into squares (or rectangles).

You can melt chocolates as per above to decorate or if you have candy melts you can work with those. I had candy eyes bought a while back, though you could use some mini marshmallows cut in half and stick chocolate chips in them for eyes too. 
Pretty basic but fun way to get them everyone excited about Halloween! As you can see from last photo, the results were all good.


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