New Found Recipes for My High Speed Blender

Wow, I never realized how much these new high speed blenders are so much more useful. I mean I had the old rustic Oyster from years passed and didn't quite get all the hype until I received a Breville Fresh and Furious blender.

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I mean with my little Bullet style blender and my Immersion blender I didn't think I'd really need a full size blender expect for the odd slushie making for pool parties! Well I was wrong. I think I'd rather toss the other two (as useful as they can be grinding oats with the bullet and making sauce with immersion). 

I wasn't even thinking blender the other day when I decided to peruse the internet looking for a pancake recipe with oats for flour and apples incorporated in the recipe. Well, when I found this recipe Steel Cut Oat Apple Blender Pancakes (Gluten Free) I was excited it had blender in the title and I could get some more use out of my new appliance. Not only was it a blender recipe (which I am so on board with not having to dirty another bowl) it was using steel cut oats! A favourite item and they are a staple at our house. 
The recipe also called for almond milk which is what I like to use often. Although I did replace a cup of almond milk with one cup of yogurt (a habit I incorporated feeling it makes them more airy). I was a bit skeptical not having to grind these oats first then add but it only took a minute to mix up and grind. I peeled and cored the apple but threw them in 2 halves. Could have probably throw in skin and all. The pancakes were amazing!

Then today, I needed to bake some muffins to stash in freezer for kids lunches. I had a pie pumpkin and the kids like pumpkin stuff. I thought maybe I could find a oat muffin with pumpkin online that should be a decent somewhat healthy style of muffin for lunch. Well, lucky me I found a blender muffin! Healthy Flourless Pumpkin Muffins. I baked pie pumpkin to make puree and used the coconut oil and only had steel cut oats so used them. It worked like a charm! The kids loved them. They were very tasty. This blender thing rocks and now I'm going to have to create a new Pinterest board for Blender Recipes! 

There are plenty of options for blenders now, but you will need a good high power blender. There are a ton of options for Blenders here on Amazon to get you started. If you know of any great blender recipes, please feel free to share a link with the comments below. Happy mixing! 


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