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Preparing For Black Friday Deals in Canada

Although I must say Black Friday is a tradition we picked up from our bordering neighbours, it has been a trend here for the last 5 years give or take. In case you haven't heard of Black Friday, it is the Friday before the US Thanksgiving. It is their equivalent to Boxing Day for us. It is a handy time for a sale (unlike boxing day when you're broke) because it is about a month before Christmas. The average person would definitely consider doing a chunk of Christmas shopping at this time, therefore deals are so much more welcomed.

Are the sales worth it? I can't speak for the US since I've never been their for Black Friday (nor likely never will judging by the headlines every year) I don't want to fight for my sales with crowds of people. I'm not into crowds when I shop and though I like a good deal I'm not "spending" with my time for a trade off. So if I can't get the deal with ease, I'm not usually interested. It's almost always not w…

How To Save Money with Cashback Coupon Sites in Canada

Months ago when I decided to start blogging, I did come up with the name Mommy Saves based on the notion that I would help mom's save a few bucks with giving them ins and outs of coupons, contests and deals to be had on products or entertainment in general. Also the name was meant to be saving you money but sometimes just ideas on saving time whether it be the research I've done to give you a great deal or ideas. I hope to be saving you something nonetheless.

On regards to the subject of saving a dollar, and being a stay at home mom I really aim to save a dollar where I can. Those single dollars can turn to many in no time. Just like that daily coffee purchase can add up to hundreds in a shorter period of time then you had thought (5 times 52 weeks of mediums at Tim Horton's = a whopping $455).
One of the ways I had mentioned about saving was price matching. That alone gives me back $5-20 a week easy, sometimes more and then I use coupon sites to add to the savings as well. …