How To Save Money with Cashback Coupon Sites in Canada

Months ago when I decided to start blogging, I did come up with the name Mommy Saves based on the notion that I would help mom's save a few bucks with giving them ins and outs of coupons, contests and deals to be had on products or entertainment in general. Also the name was meant to be saving you money but sometimes just ideas on saving time whether it be the research I've done to give you a great deal or ideas. I hope to be saving you something nonetheless.

On regards to the subject of saving a dollar, and being a stay at home mom I really aim to save a dollar where I can. Those single dollars can turn to many in no time. Just like that daily coffee purchase can add up to hundreds in a shorter period of time then you had thought (5 times 52 weeks of mediums at Tim Horton's = a whopping $455).

One of the ways I had mentioned about saving was price matching. That alone gives me back $5-20 a week easy, sometimes more and then I use coupon sites to add to the savings as well. Sometimes I am getting things for free or even making money by combining them.

Checkout 51 is the first coupon website I will talk about. This is one of the first and most successful coupon sites in Canada I would say or so in my opinion. According to my profile I have earned almost $497.90 albeit it has been about 4-5 years but hey I'm not going out of my way or being inconvenienced to use. 

You can use clip coupons as well as the app. Therefore you can really maximize your dollar. I'm not a fan of the clipping coupons I'll admit, though I will use especially the really good ones of a few dollars or more. 
Checkout 51 has the most product on their app and a lot of products that you would use. In fact, they have a lot of the similar clip out coupons you can find from companies like Procter and Gamble to use as well. Now a days larger companies or ones that provide monthly coupons like Procter and Gamble will release their digital coupons to offset the clip outs so you can't use both at once. You do get lucky sometimes, and especially with price matching to save additional money. 

If you have a baby it's almost a must to save on diapers and wipes. What an expense! You'll always find baby coupons and usually for both major brands of diapers but they tend to offset each other too. Meaning one week you'll find Huggies products and the next it will be Pampers. Depending on the coupon you can sometimes use it more then once. Once you click onto product you can see the details and do pay attention to the stipulations. Just like a clip coupon there is sizes and specifics for most coupons.
Then there is the + which allows you to add the coupons to a list for easier movement when either you're shopping and for when you are ready to upload you receipt. Uploading your receipt in like taking a picture. You just follow instructions and line up so you can see all of it. They not only need the product, but the store, time and date so you need to upload the whole receipt from top to bottom. You likely have to take 2 or 3 pictures to do so. It's all on the app and it's pretty easy to use. Once you accumulate $20 you can then cash out or build it up until it's a good amount for you to cash out on. 

Another cashback app is Caddle it basically works the same way but minor differences more based on look. Caddle often times has mini surveys that are like a multiple choice of like 5 questions max and take you less then a minute to complete. They give you cents on completing any to add to your account. I also like that they often have random produce on there (seems to be what I mostly have) that the give a little back on, not much but cents turn into dollars when added up. They often have Costco specific deals too which is rare to hear of. A lot of times there is credit for just uploading your Costco receipt. Both apps aren't store specific unless it states on coupon so you can use Costco receipts whereas you can't use manufactures clip coupons there so this is another bonus.

On both sites, the coupons are valid to coincide with flyers and are set from Thurs-Wed. So if you purchase something on a Wed night you must remember to upload before midnight or you won't qualify for savings. Also, you can use these sites with online receipts too. You'll have to print to provide copy but they are still accepted. 

Ebates is the last cashback site I wanted to talk about today. I could have saved a lot more with this site but I used to always forget to use. I often use my phone or iPad to purchase things online and once I got the app I was forgetting less but it really irks me when I do forget because its so simple.

Basically with Ebates you just go on their site to login to your shopping site. For example if you wanted to shop on Amazon you go onto Ebates and find the store in directory or just want a deal shop best deals. Then they link you directly to Amazon's site. You then make your purchase (without closing window or doing so later, key is to be directed through right link to get money) then after payment processes, usually shipping time, they put the money you earned in account. They send you out cheques quarterly and the minimum in your account needs to be $5.01 to be mailed a cheque in that quarter. There is 750 stores that offer cash back and you can even purchase gifts cards.  

By utilizing all of these free to use websites you can be saving quite a bit per month


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