Preparing For Black Friday Deals in Canada

Although I must say Black Friday is a tradition we picked up from our bordering neighbours, it has been a trend here for the last 5 years give or take. In case you haven't heard of Black Friday, it is the Friday before the US Thanksgiving. It is their equivalent to Boxing Day for us. It is a handy time for a sale (unlike boxing day when you're broke) because it is about a month before Christmas. The average person would definitely consider doing a chunk of Christmas shopping at this time, therefore deals are so much more welcomed.

Are the sales worth it? I can't speak for the US since I've never been their for Black Friday (nor likely never will judging by the headlines every year) I don't want to fight for my sales with crowds of people. I'm not into crowds when I shop and though I like a good deal I'm not "spending" with my time for a trade off. So if I can't get the deal with ease, I'm not usually interested. It's almost always not worth it. In Canada for deals, again I wouldn't line up for anything and don't think the deals are much better for the most part then the weekly specials for most items. A couple chains like Wal-Mart and Superstore are definitely worth taking a look at flyers but hit or miss each year. I found one year very rewarding with Shoppers Drug Mart (for video game system) of all places so it is worth flipping through the flyers before hand. 

Almost ever store plunks in the ads of "Black Friday Deals" but 90% are again just flashy words hoping to draw you in. In fact, if you are serious about getting a deal you should be getting organized now. Make a list or at least a mental note of what you're looking for. Even if it's a general idea like a certain toy for example, start pricing them now in flyers. Even when you're in the store snap a photo of the item with price so you can see if the prices changes. Some stores up their prices a week before then lower on Black Friday week to then make it look like a deal. Naughty eh. 

For me, I haven't noticed any super deals but some things that are worth looking at is electronic items like gaming systems and games, iPad's and phones. These items are ones I've had experience with in the last few years. Video game systems (and popular games) don't often go on sale, especially during the lead up to Christmas. Why, because they tend to release newer editions and sell like crazy at this time of year. It's their prime time and you'll likely only find a deal on them on Black Friday. Even Boxing day, gaming isn't easy to get deals on. The deals you usually find aren't always on they're latest edition but there still new products and not obsolete by any means. 
IPad's are in the same category and the deals aren't that great either but still better in your pocket. Sometimes the big stores make offers of in store credits and such to make a more attractive deal since Apple and company don't like to give sales. Then as long as you read the fine print and capitalize on the deal offered it can be well worth it to buy on Black Friday. 

So to get yourself organized for Black Friday deals, some of my favourite places to do your research easily is with Red Flag Deals. Keep an eye on their site. Or better yet, subscribe to their emails. They'll give you heads up on all the deals in the area you choose. 

Another way to see the flyers in advance is with my favourite flyer site Reebee. They have an upcoming section on their site where you can check out flyers before the come out. Usually day before but on Black Friday they release a few days before too. 

Also don't forget, if you're doing online shopping, be sure to visit Ebates first. They have all sorts of deals, starting even now, with tons of extra cashback so you can save even more! Most Black Friday deals are available online too and there is Cyber Monday deals too at most major retailers so make sure you check out those deals too. 
I feel that shopping online for Black Friday usually works best. No crowds, same deals and most places offer free shipping as another deal enhancement. Making the stress of dealing with crowds eliminated and still plenty of time to receive before Christmas. 

Last thing to mention, in Canada, most Black Friday deals are week long and not just for the day. If it's a major deal, it's better to jump on it ASAP or you may have no stock left but for average stuff you can afford to wait a couple days so you're not fighting crowds etc.

Happy shopping! Hope I helped you on your way to some savings.


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