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Great Book Series for Kids 10 and Up

I am so happy that I have an avid reader in my 10 (very soon to be 11) year old. I had introduced books at to him at a young age. Even before he was one years old, I would have him look through board books and read to him. I started our routine of book before bed long long ago I'd say at 2 years of age. To this day it is still a routine that we continue to do and I have done the same with my younger son too. It is a bit time consuming now, especially that we are into some great novels (even for adults to enjoy). However, it is a special bonding time and we both look forward to it. 

Since he was about 8 years old we got into some great books like the Harry Potters. He usually gets a a few books or a set at Christmas. His first true set of novels was the Harry Potter collection, which I'm sure you've heard of and read or at least your child has. If not, well you should! They are fantastic books full of excitement in such a well made up world. Even if you have seen the movies …

Make Ahead Large Batch Chicken Parmesan

Getting back to school after the Christmas holidays is sometimes a hardship. The routine's been broken and swinging back into those hectic nights rushing to get dinner on without an idea on what to make is frustrating to say the least. Batch cooking can really help in this area. You can save money by buying larger amount at better price, as well as saving the expense of take out and keeping in with some healthier eating for the family.  

Chicken Parmesan doesn't take that long to make, but it is more of the prep then anything and isn't usually a make from scratch last minute meal. But if you make a big batch and follow steps up to the browning, you can toss in freezer at this point and just finish off in the oven another night during week. To cook from frozen, place pieces on prepared sheet pan cook in preheated 425'F oven for 20 min, flip over then add the sauce and mozzarella at this point then continue baking for another 10-15 min. 

Chicken Parmesan also makes a great…

Staying at Disney World's Coronado Springs

If you've noticed my last few posts you may have noticed that we had recently had a great vacation in Disney World. I had booked the 2018 Free Dining Plan deal back in April 2018 with some other tricks to help save a few dollars. We decided to book Disney's Coronado Springs this time around. It is a moderate resort with a Mexican theme. As I mentioned on my Hot Offer blog post on the dining plan, staying on site at a Disney Resort has a lot of perks. 

The rooms were nice and spacious. I loved the hard floor, high beds that fit suit cases under, ample ports to charge devices and electronics. The barn style slide doors to separate the washroom which had double sinks and plenty or storage. The washroom and shower were separated by a pocket door.

The rooms are equipped with a mini fridge and a bonus was the Keurig coffee maker with stocked to go cups! As a Canadian girl the coffee in the area isn't up to par and having done my research, knowing about the Keurig I brought my own …

Hot Deal! The Amazing Free Dining Plan Offer is Available for Walt Disney World Visits in 2019

We recently returned from a wonderful trip at Disney World just before Christmas. If you've been following me you may have noticed by now and seen a few of the Disney World posts I've already sent out there. Today I would like to focus on the package we had which was a great deal for us and as a surprise is currently being offered again for 2019 right now! 

The Disney World Package I am referring too is the Free Dining Plan for 2019! Yes free and that says a lot when your quick service meal averages $15 a person US and if you add a beer to that you're looking at minimum $8 more. 

Of course there is a few conditions to get the plan like stay at one of their hotels that are included in the offer (there is a range of value, moderate and deluxe to choose from) and you have to book as a  package with 4 day tickets on a minimum of a 4 night stay and they have to be Park Hopper or Park Hopper Plus Option. The Disney Free Dining Plan is also for bookings made for July 5 through to S…

Christmas at Walt Disney World 2018

First off I'd like to apologize for the absence on my blog and wish everyone a Happy New Year. It has been a whirlwind of a month. Of course the holiday season bogs the majority down with extra activities, lists of shopping or demands and the regular hustle and bustle of kids sports, work etc. We also had our vacation the week before Christmas so all those to do lists were bumped ahead making the last 30 days a bit hectic but well worth it and lots of fun!

We decided to vacation at Disney World this year. We had been in past once at least for the majority of us. My husband visited a few times as a child but doesn't have much recollection. 
The last time we visited Disney World it was the end of September after a very hot summer here. Not sure if that made a difference or what but the heat there was insane. I've never experienced such humidity with no breaks. It seemed to at least rain once a day around 4:30pm at that time and not no sprinkle, a serious downpour for a good 20…