Christmas at Walt Disney World 2018

First off I'd like to apologize for the absence on my blog and wish everyone a Happy New Year. 
It has been a whirlwind of a month. Of course the holiday season bogs the majority down with extra activities, lists of shopping or demands and the regular hustle and bustle of kids sports, work etc. We also had our vacation the week before Christmas so all those to do lists were bumped ahead making the last 30 days a bit hectic but well worth it and lots of fun!

We decided to vacation at Disney World this year. We had been in past once at least for the majority of us. My husband visited a few times as a child but doesn't have much recollection. 

The last time we visited Disney World it was the end of September after a very hot summer here. Not sure if that made a difference or what but the heat there was insane. I've never experienced such humidity with no breaks. It seemed to at least rain once a day around 4:30pm at that time and not no sprinkle, a serious downpour for a good 20 min or so. Then the evenings were really no relief either. There just wasn't any air movement. Now we still had a great time but it was hard some days to move around long stretches in the park. Magic Kingdom has lots of buildings and you don't notice it much there when you can pop into any shop or ride every few feet. However when you visit Animal Kingdom it is largely outdoors more of a zoo setting with longer stretches between rides and stores. I really enjoyed the Animal Kingdom as one of my favourite parks but we do remember being irritated at the intense heat and having to leave the parks for rests etc. Again Epcot has more stores but it is a long way around the world to and fro in intense heat. Hollywood being smaller wasn't as bad. 

Going this time of year was much easier to move around the parks. We walked 8 Miles a day and no one complained not even the 5 and 10 year old boys! I didn't even feel it at the end of the day, I'm guessing because we were so enthralled with everything it didn't even occur to us most of the time. The weather was just right really. Warm enough for shorts during day and a sweater held us over for morning/evening. It did and can get a bit cooler though so if you plan to visit this time of the year. Do know there is times it gets quite cold and plan ahead. I did bring extra fall coats and hats and mitts which were a perfect remedy one night watching fireworks. 

The temperature was one of the reasons we decided to visit Disney World at this time of year and another reason was we wanted to see how it would look and feel for Christmas! With the Free Disney Dining Plan offer of 2018 we were able to book that week and take advantage of this and the great offer too! With the dining offer you need to stay onsite at a Disney World hotel and book tickets as part of the package which need be the Hopper option in the least. We actually opted for the Hopper plus this time. This gives you on a 6 day ticket 6 visits with option to any of the 4 mini golf courses, water parks, ESPN and 9 hole golf course (not rentals though). You can use for any of these options up to 6 times. you can use all 6 in one day but can't use at same golf course (you can play one of the 2 Fantasia and/or one of the 2 Summerland). We played all the mini golf courses and intended to visit the water park (only one open in winter while other is refurbished) but the weather wasn't hot enough to make us want to use it and our pool was a huge hit with the kids anyway. Still the option isn't much more then the hopper alone so if you have one or two days with no park visits but still want to venture out of the resort, this is a great option. 
I would like to mention ESPN has to be having event to be open and there was no events during our whole stay therefore it wasn't a viable option. Something to consider if you are planning for that reason. It does allow you access to the grounds but will need ticket on top I think for major events that you may need to investigate further again. 

Over the coming weeks I plan to share all the details on the trip and hopefully give you some insight to any trip planning you may have. We stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort which is a moderate Disney World resort and it was fabulous! They are currently under construction but it wasn't impeding much during our time there. They gave us some pins for the bother. The rooms were fab and the grounds were huge. Of course I plan to write a post just on the resort itself and different aspects of our trip! 

I hope you join me the next few weeks to hear more about our trip! BTW today Disney World surprised the masses by releasing the Free Dining Plan (usually let out around April) today! It's only for stays from July 5-Sept 30 but if that is when you are planning to travel it is well worth it!   


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