Great Book Series for Kids 10 and Up

I am so happy that I have an avid reader in my 10 (very soon to be 11) year old. I had introduced books at to him at a young age. Even before he was one years old, I would have him look through board books and read to him. I started our routine of book before bed long long ago I'd say at 2 years of age. To this day it is still a routine that we continue to do and I have done the same with my younger son too. It is a bit time consuming now, especially that we are into some great novels (even for adults to enjoy). However, it is a special bonding time and we both look forward to it. 

Since he was about 8 years old we got into some great books like the Harry Potters. He usually gets a a few books or a set at Christmas. His first true set of novels was the Harry Potter collection, which I'm sure you've heard of and read or at least your child has. If not, well you should! They are fantastic books full of excitement in such a well made up world. Even if you have seen the movies it's so worth it and it is the books to get you hooked on reading. For our fun, we would read a book then watch the corresponding movie through the series. 
We had also done the Narnia series which were good reads too and followed up their movies. The Hobbit was last year with the Lord Of The Rings to follow. I really enjoyed these and the movies actually carried more details then the books for a turn. He loved them too but he still favoured Harry Potter and has read the series himself more then once after our reading of the whole series! 

This year in his Christmas stocking he received The Blackthorn Key collection. I really had no idea about the series other then what we read from the synopsis on back. We had just recently finished the first book The Blackthorn Key and are into the second one currently. I must say we are very excited to go read every night! The stories or thus far take place in London, England during the 1600's. They follow a child named Christopher Rowe who's about 14 years old in the first book. He is an orphaned child whom is taken in by a Master Apothecary as his apprentice. This Master teaches the child how to mix and use ingredients but even more importantly he's taught the secrets of codes and puzzles. Apothecary's need to code their recipes to keep others from stealing them. It is intriguing to say the least. Your either mystified by the puzzles and secret coding or by the action of a chase. 
Kevin Sands is the Author and he is a Canadian citizen residing in Ontario. I just learnt that tidbit of information today. He has a way of keeping you engrossed. Although I say it is for 10 years old and up, its borderline ten because there is quite a bit of murder, and descriptive to some degree so if your child is sensitive to violence or you're not comfortable you may want to hold off. To me, I find the feel of action to be that of Dan Brown's books like Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. The stories are quite different, though its similarities are the excitement of breaking codes and what they could mean etc as well as the feel of action at least in the case of Blackthorn Key. There is a lot of research in the books to match the location and era and they mark historical events as I've notice with Mark of the Plague, which makes it even more intriguing and has us doing research sometimes after reading a chapter, another great sign of an interesting read. 

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