Hot Deal! The Amazing Free Dining Plan Offer is Available for Walt Disney World Visits in 2019

Festival of the Holiday's

We recently returned from a wonderful trip at Disney World just before Christmas. If you've been following me you may have noticed by now and seen a few of the Disney World posts I've already sent out there. Today I would like to focus on the package we had which was a great deal for us and as a surprise is currently being offered again for 2019 right now! 

Adults Mediterranean chicken salad and kids Bbq quesadilla meal at ABC Commissary quick service

The Disney World Package I am referring too is the Free Dining Plan for 2019! Yes free and that says a lot when your quick service meal averages $15 a person US and if you add a beer to that you're looking at minimum $8 more. 

Bbq Rib Platter at ABC Commissary

Of course there is a few conditions to get the plan like stay at one of their hotels that are included in the offer (there is a range of value, moderate and deluxe to choose from) and you have to book as a  package with 4 day tickets on a minimum of a 4 night stay and they have to be Park Hopper or Park Hopper Plus Option. The Disney Free Dining Plan is also for bookings made for July 5 through to Sept 30. The package still applies if your first night falls on say Sept 30th. Yes it may cost a bit more staying on site and a bit more for the Park Hopper, they are actually conveniences that I prefer and not without reason. 

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Lets start with bookings. When you stay at a Disney World Resort you get to make your reservations first. Now dining everyone gets in at the 180 day mark but when you stay there you can book the whole weeks reservations as opposed to the day so your 180 days is from the first night of your stay meaning if you're staying 7 days you actually would be booking the last days reservation on day 187 giving you 7 days up on outside guests which is all the difference on bookings like Be Our Guest. 

FastPass+ selection is huge, especially if you plan to ride ever so popular rides like Flight of Passage (OMG, what an amazing ride!) which by the way had a Stand By line on our visit of 4 hours! When you stay on site you get to book your FastPass+ selections 60 days before at 7am (tip, if you want a Flights of Passage FastPass+ you better set the alarm. I made mine around 10am on the 60 day mark and only just got one for the last day) If you don't stay at Disney World Resort you get to make your selections on the 30 day mark. 

You can book the Magical Express for free Airport to hotel shuttle. The Magical Express is great service and the best part about it, is they keep your bags so as soon as you get to hotel you can get your bands (unless they were mailed to you) and go straight to a park and come back later that night to find your bags waiting in your room! 

The free shuttle service to all the parks and other Disney Areas is fantastic. They say maximum is 20 min wait but we never waited longer then 10. Another thing to keep in mind with shuttles is that parking at the parks costs extra, you are far away from entrance and most times need to be shuttled in to gates losing time you thought you were saving by driving. Especially Magic Kingdom where you're boated in with thousands at the same time. It's great getting off the shuttle and rushing in before that lot gets let out! Not to mention, the hotels are pretty close to parks and that is more time saved for the parks too! 

Above are my major reasons for staying at a Disney resort but there are a few other perks like Magic Bands are part of your package when you stay onsite. They are gold. You open your hotel door, get into parks, pay for things and use for dining credits. 
Staying at a resort you can have your souvenirs sent back to room instead of lugging around park. 
Extra Magic Hours are for resort guests only and can be utilized to get in shorter lines for some rides. Still, if you think you're going to Flights of Passage on a EMH morning so are the rest of the guests at the hotels so planning and being their well before rope drop for big rides. Even so, the 90 min wait will become 4 hours when the rest come in and you'll have the ride done shortly after the parks open giving you time to enjoy the rest of the park. 

Lamb snack credit at Epcot Festival of the Holiday's 

With the Disney Dining Plan (free or otherwise) you get a set amount of credits pooled based on your length of stay. So a 7 night stay on the Quick Service (free with the value or moderate resorts) would give you 2 meal credits and 2 snacks per day which would be 56 each based on 4 people. You can use 3 meals and 8 snacks one day, 6 meals the next, 10 snacks another it doesn't matter how you use. You can break up a meal into 3 snacks too there is flexibility. Your meals come with a drink alcohol included. Snacks can be used all sorts of things, mostly treats but the best is when there is a festival and you can use snack credits for their menus like we did. Both times I've been we've managed to be there during these food Festivals at Epcot. Big bonus! If you plan a Sept visit you can seriously take advantage at the Food and Wine Festival assuming it's running this year and during that time. Not yet confirmed. Also, if you have snacks left at the end of your stay, you can use them in gift shops on packaged candies and snacks to take home.

Snack credit dessert Festival of Holidays 

If you like a sit down meal, you may want to book either a deluxe resort or upgrade your plan to the Disney Table Service Dining Plan where you would get 1 quick service and 1 Table service with your 2 snacks per day. You can use your table service for Character Meals and would be one that I would recommend you do if you're opting for this plan. Otherwise, it's a lot a time daily for a sit down service and tips are always additional etc. If you do opt table service, do make your reservations as soon as they open so you are not disappointed and to make it more worth it. 

Either way I believe the Free Dining Offer is the greatest deal you can get at the parks if you are trying to get all you can out of your stay. If your not bothered about getting on rides, tons of planning etc. there is other options that are more cost friendly. You can bring food into the park but buying food is very expensive there as is most Disney so if you're planning to eat at the parks, really this is really worth looking into. 


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