Make Ahead Large Batch Chicken Parmesan

Getting back to school after the Christmas holidays is sometimes a hardship. The routine's been broken and swinging back into those hectic nights rushing to get dinner on without an idea on what to make is frustrating to say the least. Batch cooking can really help in this area. You can save money by buying larger amount at better price, as well as saving the expense of take out and keeping in with some healthier eating for the family.  

Chicken Parmesan doesn't take that long to make, but it is more of the prep then anything and isn't usually a make from scratch last minute meal. But if you make a big batch and follow steps up to the browning, you can toss in freezer at this point and just finish off in the oven another night during week. To cook from frozen, place pieces on prepared sheet pan cook in preheated 425'F oven for 20 min, flip over then add the sauce and mozzarella at this point then continue baking for another 10-15 min. 

Chicken Parmesan also makes a great meal for dinner parties, by preparing recipe again to browning time, refrigerate until you guests arrive, then continue following recipe at point of saucing, then pop them in oven when you're ready. Giving you more time to socialize and you can have most of the mess cleaned up by then too.. 

Of course Chicken Parmesan is great served with pasta just be sure to have extra sauce on hand and you have a simple meal. I'll have to add my Big Batch Easy Tomato Sauce to the blog in future. You can also serve with a salad like I enjoy or why not both. Can easily go with some roasted potatoes and any veg too. 

Just make sure to filet the breasts into thinner portions. Of course smaller breast may need less cook time so carefully judge this because no one wants dried out chicken. My breasts were pretty hefty and I based the cooking times on the larger ones. You also want to have them close in thickness too so they're all cooked at same time. 


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