Staying at Disney World's Coronado Springs

If you've noticed my last few posts you may have noticed that we had recently had a great vacation in Disney World. I had booked the 2018 Free Dining Plan deal back in April 2018 with some other tricks to help save a few dollars. We decided to book Disney's Coronado Springs this time around. It is a moderate resort with a Mexican theme. As I mentioned on my Hot Offer blog post on the dining plan, staying on site at a Disney Resort has a lot of perks. 

The rooms were nice and spacious. I loved the hard floor, high beds that fit suit cases under, ample ports to charge devices and electronics. The barn style slide doors to separate the washroom which had double sinks and plenty or storage. The washroom and shower were separated by a pocket door.

The rooms are equipped with a mini fridge and a bonus was the Keurig coffee maker with stocked to go cups! As a Canadian girl the coffee in the area isn't up to par and having done my research, knowing about the Keurig I brought my own coffee pods. We were in the Ranchos area of the resort and it's a good 15 walk to the main building but the bus station is a min away so the to go cups was a nice touch regardless. 


During our stay in December 2018 Disney's Coronado Springs was under construction building their new addition. You really didn't notice the construction only when walking to main building really. We did receive set of 3 construction pins for the "hassle" which excited the kids (and me really).  

The resort is quite spread out as you can see, surrounding a lake to which they are also constructing another restaurant which I'm sure will be wonderful. It has a nice appeal to the whole resort. It's not overly themed but we found it very tasteful and enjoyable. 

The playground by the pool was suited to the Mayan theme like the pool. There was a small arcade by the playground and pool side bar that served some quick serve options. We did spend an afternoon/evening in this area and decided to eat there rather then wasting time walking back to room then further to building. It was good there was the option to eat there but even though the food sounded appetizing, it was probably the worst meal of the trip. Maybe it was because I chose the tacos instead of a burger.

There was ping pong tables we all enjoyed to play on and a volley ball court too. They also had a campfire to roast marshmallows most evenings for the kids along with scheduled activities going on at pool and other areas for both kids and adults.

The pool had a huge water feature which represented a Mayan temple. The main pool was very large it ranged from 3-4ft deep. The thing I loved the most was the lifeguards were very attentive. There was 4 of them and they had a routine where 2 would sit the other 2 would pace and then the rotated. It was cooler temperatures and not too busy when we were there but I could imagine the need in the summer months when there is no relief! 

The nice thing about the pools is that they are heated. So even on those not crazy hot days you can still utilize them in comfort. The kids loved it, it was a good break for them. 

The best part of the pool was the slide! They loved the slide, especially Logan the 5 year old. There was a jaguar as you came down that spat water at you too. 

Of course being there at Christmas has an added charm all around. They had a nice decked out tree in the registry area. There was a nice gift shop, small bakery/cafe area for some quick bits. The quick service restaurant El Mercado that had plenty of options and decent food probably one of the better quick service in hotels. There is a couple of table service options but we didn't eat at any of them. Maya Grill is supposed to be a good restaurant, it is a steak and seafood restaurant. 

There is more amenities at Disney's Coronado Springs  that may apply to you and we didn't even make it around the whole resort which we planned too but we were having too much fun at the parks. I honestly thought that we'd have more down time but the kids were loving it and everyone kept going. We did really enjoy this resort though. We have only previously stayed at All Star Sports and the values have all you need especially if you're not really planning to stay around the hotel area. If you are planning down time, Coronado Springs is a nice option. The shuttle to parks was great too. 10 minutes was the most we ever waited and it was about 10 min ride to most parks. It seemed to be more quiet and laid back then the value resorts. I would be more then happy to stay here again. 


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