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DIY Paintball Party

I know it's cliche but i just can't believe how the years have gone by and that my eldest son is now 11! I'm not sure how many more themed parties I have left for him but since we kept it a bit lower key last year and the fact he's never done paintball, we opted to give it a go. It was an easier decision. since we found a great place that does indoor paintball and at with low impact guns for the age group. 

Being in the GTA there was a couple places that offered some packages. It was harder to find paintball that is low impact for kids though especially in February as most are outdoors. We did happen to find a great place with affordable packages that wasn't too far from me or anyone on the west side of Toronto. Splatzone in Cambridge offers a great birthday package. They also have other party options like Nerf and Archery. It was first time experience for most of the boys and they all had a blast. We were able to somewhat see them off the field in viewing area. The…

Versatile Blogger Award

I am very honoured and pleased to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award today by Heather at Mama Be Frugal. Heather is a Mother of 2 boys and like me loves great deals and freebies! She's always sharing ways to save, earn some rewards or get some free goodies on her blog.

For me, I am quickly approaching the 1st year anniversary of my Blog. I've learnt a lot this year but I've still got leaps and hurdles to go. I have built up my social media slowly and still an on going process and even though I'm sometimes lacking in motivation I'm glad for the interactive followers I do have acquired to help me stay in the game.

I am pleased to be nominating them as well since there are so many great bloggers out there that want to share with you!

A Versatile Blogger is a blogger who is considered to have quality writing, a unique subject or subjects, and quality photographs along with a level of love displayed within their blog.
I get to tell 7 random facts about myself …

Disney World's Winter Summerland Mini Golf Course the Summer Side

If you have been following my posts you will know that we recently traveled to Disney World in Dec 2018. This was our second trip there and we had such a great visit! We loved it the first time we went but this time it was just that much better. The kids were a great age, we had a better idea of what to do and how to get it done. 

Both times we visited we went on the Free Dining Plan which if you're interested is a great deal but was offered early this year and no longer available for 2019. Typically they tend to offer this in April for stays Sept-Dec, however this year with the Star Wars area they had played it out differently this time. Never fear though, if you're looking to stay in 2019 there is still deals to be had here.

Anyhow, this time around we went with the Options Plus ticket and this allowed us to do some extra activities like the mini golf. As I mentioned in my last post on Disney World's Winter Summerland Mini Golf Course the Winter Side well today I thought I…

Disney World's Winter Summerland Mini Golf Course the Winter Side

On our last trip to Disney World we decided to get the Park Hopper Plus Option for our 6 day tickets during our 8 day, 7 night stay. We decided with 1 full day free and most of a second one we could explore some of the options and take the pace down a bit from the parks. The Park Hopper Plus option you can visit one of the Water Parks, visit ESPN, Golf an executive golf course Oak Trail still requires tee time but family friendly or play mini golf at Fantasia or Winter Summerland. 
Both Disney World's Winter Summerland and Fantasia have 2 courses. Today I'm going to focus on the Winter Summerland mini golf and only the Winter side. 

Both my kids love Mini Golf but my 5 year old has been obsessed since the summer. When he found out we were going to Disney World and that there is Mini Golf courses, he was looking forward to the courses if not more then the parks. He was actually watching YouTube videos on mini golf for months, that's the kind of obsessed he was. 

The Winter in …