Disney World's Winter Summerland Mini Golf Course the Winter Side

On our last trip to Disney World we decided to get the Park Hopper Plus Option for our 6 day tickets during our 8 day, 7 night stay. We decided with 1 full day free and most of a second one we could explore some of the options and take the pace down a bit from the parks. The Park Hopper Plus option you can visit one of the Water Parks, visit ESPN, Golf an executive golf course Oak Trail still requires tee time but family friendly or play mini golf at Fantasia or Winter Summerland. 

Both Disney World's Winter Summerland and Fantasia have 2 courses. Today I'm going to focus on the Winter Summerland mini golf and only the Winter side. 

Both my kids love Mini Golf but my 5 year old has been obsessed since the summer. When he found out we were going to Disney World and that there is Mini Golf courses, he was looking forward to the courses if not more then the parks. He was actually watching YouTube videos on mini golf for months, that's the kind of obsessed he was. 

The Winter in Winter Summerland in Disney World is themed with snow covered holes. Traces of Santa and Christmas are all around. They even had a snow machine to toss out flakes every once and a while. You also got to enjoy the course interacting with you on some holes like when you hit your ball under the cooler the lid would open. 

Above we have a decked out Christmas Camper and a smoldering camp fire with logs to sit all around. 

We thought the hole that was a mini ice rink with some thin ice humor added was pretty cool.

Here we have Santa taking the ski hill a little hard getting stuck in the snow. 

Of course the snow castle was pretty cool. You had to get the ball in the trap door before it closes sending your ball in undesired area. 

It was certainly nice being surrounded buy snowy scene and Christmas but yet wearing short sleeves and even shorts!

A lot of the theme at the beginning especially seems to be more Santa less Disney Characters but they make their appearances soon enough. 

Oh dear, it looks like the big guy crashed through the ice while skiing!

The kids got a huge kick of Frosty here. When you get the ball out of the hole he starts squirting water out at you! 

Of course when thinking Santa the North Pole comes to mind. Here your ball takes a ride on the pole. 

Uh oh, look who's stuck in the fireplace! 

What a great surprise in this jack-in-the-box. The decor gets quite festive towards the last few holes. We had a great time golfing the Winter course at Disney's Winter Summerland. Being that it was the week before Christmas it was even more exciting! I'm sure it would be fun any time of the year though. 


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