Versatile Blogger Award

I am very honoured and pleased to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award today by Heather at Mama Be Frugal. Heather is a Mother of 2 boys and like me loves great deals and freebies! She's always sharing ways to save, earn some rewards or get some free goodies on her blog.

For me, I am quickly approaching the 1st year anniversary of my Blog. I've learnt a lot this year but I've still got leaps and hurdles to go. I have built up my social media slowly and still an on going process and even though I'm sometimes lacking in motivation I'm glad for the interactive followers I do have acquired to help me stay in the game.

I am pleased to be nominating them as well since there are so many great bloggers out there that want to share with you!

A Versatile Blogger is a blogger who is considered to have quality writing, a unique subject or subjects, and quality photographs along with a level of love displayed within their blog.
I get to tell 7 random facts about myself and then nominate 10 other bloggers, so here it goes:

1: I love my family and being a mom. Spending time with my husband and our boys aged 11 and 5 is where I love to be.
2:We have never had a pizza or any food delivered to this house that is over 10 years. We do eat out here and there I just can't justify that extra money spent on delivery extra money saved!

3: Keeping with food, I like to make a lot from scratch. We don't eat or buy frozen dinners etc. I'm not overboard though i buy noodles and other packaged goods but I will buy the veggies or fruit in the veggie/fruit tray and arrange them myself (savings). I don't like preservatives and am some what health conscious.

4: As a family we love to do things outdoors. I love nature and exploring new areas. A nice nature hike is hard to beat.

5: Did I mention I like a deal? I can't fathom every paying full price for almost anything. Price Matching has been heaven for me!

6: Speaking of savings, loyalty rewards are another buzz for me! I'm so happy collecting rewards that pay for things like travel or fun days out! Not keeping a balance isn't easy for everyone but if you can get organized it can be very rewarding ;)

7: I love visiting new places and seeing new things. I am fascinated by different cultures. Even providing the kids with new experiences around town is just as joyous.

My Nominees are:

This Ole Mom

Mama - Kate

Disney Dreamin' 411

Mommy Blogger Pro

Mama of Both Worlds


Doctor Cara

Mooshu Jenne

Exploring Domesticity

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