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Disney World's Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Mini Golf Fun

Recently I have posted on the blog about out last trip to Disney World. On that trip we had the opted for Park Hopper Plus option which gives you visits to any of the 4 mini golf courses along with 2 water parks, ESPN grounds or golf at Oak Trails. Those are some pretty good options. 

It is a great option at Disney World when you have enough days that you want to take a few away from the parks and enjoy some of the other great things Disney World has to offer. We were there in Dec and it was good weather but not the crazy Florida hot so we didn't use the water parks but we did take in all 4 mini golf courses with our two off days. This allowed us to use the great pool at our hotel (take a look at our post on the Coronado Springs).

This time I am focusing on the Fairways and Fantasia Gardens. The Fairways is a great course. It's not a typical mini golf with the themes etc. It is basically a mini golf course! You have to putt a fairway so it is lengthy and may be more challenging …

Things To Do On March Break in the GTA and Ways to Save Doing Them

For me when I know think of March Break I think Maple Syrup Festivals. It's been a yearly tradition since the kids were born to visit at least one Conservation Area having a Syrup Festival. For me, the Halton Parks are closest and are great when you have the pass like we do but we've also ventured out to explore other festivals to shake it up a bit. There are festivals all over GTA whether you're in the East, West or North of the Six. 

Maple Syrup Festivals
Maple Town at Mountsberg

During the Maple Syrup Festival times at Mountsberg, Maple Town comes to life, it is where there will be demonstrations on how Maple Syrup is made and the different stages to making it. There is even free samples and activities during festival. You can also purchase a pancake breakfast with some Maple Syrup. Wagon rides are available for extra fee. Any time of the year, you always get to enjoy the regular activities like the play barn, animal barn and birds of prey exhibits and shows. The Maple Tow…