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Easter Activities and Treats

Popsicle Stick Easter Baskets with a Chick
Today my soon to be 6 year old and I did a bit of Easter Crafting while he was home from school with a cough and sniffles. I decided to organize our craft supplies and create some Easter creations based on what we had. These are pretty common craft staples that you too may have ready to go and if not they are easy to find items that are good to have in stock. 

To make the basket you will need a:  toilet paper roll, sheet card stock, 1 pipe cleaner, 7 medium popcicle sticks, paint/markers/crayons to colour sticks if not coloured, pencil, white glue and scissors. 

If you are colouring the sticks have your child do so as you prepare the nest few steps. 
You will then need to cut the tube in half. You will only need one piece for a basket or you can double up on sticks and make two like we did. 
Trace tube circle onto card stock and cut out for bottom of basket. 
Glue card stock circle to bottom. 
Line up the 7 sticks and draw line across middle with pe…