Avenger's Themed Birthday Treats

April was a whirlwind of a month at our household. With Easter being so late and Logan's 6th birthday towards the end of the month I may need half of May to recover and catch up. 

Logan was excited for his cake(s) of the party. He decided for his 6th birthday he wanted to have a party at Chuck E Cheese with the theme to be the Avenger's. He is particularly fond of Black Panther and Thor is pretty up there too. He wanted a cake at the venue (something about wanting toy figures on top, easier to play with then food I guess!) but we had family and some friends hosted after at our place as well. That's where the cupcakes came in. 

The first of our cupcakes here are a quick and easy party treat. Thor hammer's made with pretzel sticks and marshmallows. How simple and effective. Pictured above in the lemon/lime cupcake. The recipe is from Canadian Living Magazine. 

I decided to do 24 cupcakes and half were Marshmallow Thor the other I did 6 different Avenger Logo's, 2 of each. A dozen were the lemon/lime cupcakes and the other were Ricardo's Chocolate Cupcakes.
For the fondant, I always make my own. It is soooo easy. Really it is.Marshmallows and Icing sugar are really all you need. The hard part is the kneading it which you have to do with store bought too. Check out my previous post on the fondant and tips on applying it from last years Ninja Turtle cake. 
I would also like to mention I set up an Amazon Store Front for products I use and enjoy that they sell and of course at a good price. 

For his actual cake I made for the first time was this Strawberry Cake from Sally's Baking Addiction. Boy it was great. I had done the puree and still had more then half a cup so I added some to the frosting for the cake batch (I didn't use the same frosting in the recipe on link I used a buttercream for all cakes). It turned out really good though. I am a fan of cream cheese frosting and wouldn't doubt that that would be even better. My kids though, they prefer buttercream so what can I say. 

If you're into cake making or want to give it a go, seriously consider one of the recipes above. They are all really tasty treats and are a great starting point for your creations! 


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