Great Gift for Mother's Day

I'd have to say, most years I opt to get flowers for Mother's Day for my mom. Not usually the typical cut flowers, she really enjoys a potted variety that would be a perennial in our case, so she can enjoy it year after year. 

This year on my last visit with her she had mentioned she could use a watch. Well, what perfect timing I thought. So being an Amazon prime subscriber and my instant reaction to search any shopping item online before even looking in a store (way to get best deal and really know whats out there I think) I almost instantly came across this gem.

It's made by Nine West which is a reputable company that has made women's shoes and accessories for quite some time. I've often adored some of their items. Even the box and pillow are great way to present the watch.

This was an instant winner for me because of the floral aspect (she really loves flowers as I mentioned) and the soft colours. My mom is no spring chicken and our tastes may not mach up much. But this isn't the typical tacky floral that I cringe at even if she may find it appealing. I think this piece is ironically "timeless" meaning I can see a beautiful 20 something or a 80 year old women wearing it with the same admiration. 

The band is soft comfortable feeling material in a dusty rose and the metal parts shine of a rose like gold. It's not the shinny tacky yellow tone but a rose tinged gold that really brings the watch together. 

The best part is that it's under $35 on Amazon  so whether you are a prime member or not that is one great deal! 
If a watch isn't what you planned to give mom this year, check out some of my other suggestions. My Storefront on Amazon has other recommendations too from kids toys to items for the home! All the items on there are only products that I have personally purchased and used on my own accord. 


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